Millionaire Matchmaker: Boring with Bucks to Full Drag Queen

Patti Stanger the Millionaire Matchmaker

Last week’s episode of Bravo TV’s the Millionaire Matchmaker bridged both ends of the spectrum. From Frank Marino, a Vegas drag queen extraordinaire who dressed up to imitate Patti herself, to Jason the food king who was so dull even a body language coach couldn’t loosen him up. Talk about miles apart! How funny to put these two clients on one show, highlighting their remarkable differences.

Working with Frank, Patti was hoping to find a guy who could help him balance out his life. Patti had no trouble finding a bunch of eligible guys who didn’t mind the idea of dating a diva. I had a good laugh when she choose that young chatty guy for Frank. He didn’t even let him get  a word in edgewise – at least the way the  show was edited and presented.

Frank finally choose Paul, a marketing guy who was 27 and seemed like a good match, until he starting drinking. Wow – did he knock back the wine. That was a beautiful display of how foolish you can look when you drink too much – ON NATIONAL TV! Honestly, what was he thinking? Too bad, because the date started off with a lot of fun, on a zip line from the mall roof top. That looked like wild fun, floating across the skyline of the mall.

The other client, Jason, was so dull, its difficult to even write much about him. He made his cash with a line of healthy food that is delivered door-to-door. But, Jason seems either so boring, uncomfortable with himself or wound tightly, that he was the ultimate sleeper.

Patti sent Jason to a body language coach who helped him through a variety of exercises that, in truth, would make anyone feel outrageously foolish. I felt bad for him. Stretching, screaming, making faces. Patti literally said something about taking that pole out of his…

I give him credit because he tried to come up with a unique date and paddled his girl across a stream to dinner. Yes, something different, but probably not the best choice on a hot night in a business suit. His date was sweet and forgiving, but they were awkward and conversation with that guy does not flow easily.

After all was said and done, Patti suggested that he look for a woman from his home state of Pennsylvania which apparently he managed to do and is now seeing someone. This makes so much more sense than hoping to connect with a California beauty.

So, that’s its for episode 11. Not that much to relate to and not that entertaining unless you enjoy sluggish conversation and watching a young guy get snockered to the max. Let’s hope tomorrow night is more fun.







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