Meet Tina Erwin And Her Ghost Stories With Happy Endings

Tina Erwin crossing over ghostsListen to Tina Erwin tell her crossing over ghost stories and you’ll get a completely different viewpoint on the after-death process.

Tina’s focus is helping ghosts and spirits stuck on the earth to cross over and complete the process of dying. This came about because she lived in a lot of buildings that were haunted!

When her husband was stationed in Italy, they lived in buildings which had been occupied by the Germans during World War II. When they came back to the states, they moved to Charlestown, South Carolina, where Tina swears every building there is haunted.

One of the scariest stories she told was how a male ghost got into bed on one side of her while her husband was on the other! Tina couldn’t speak or move, she was so frightened.

Being around lots of ghosts, she had to learn how to handle them. Tina started reading everything she could find and researched the process of dying and what comes after death. Only the Tibetan’s prepare people for what is going to happen from what she learned.

How to Help a Ghost Cross Over

With her research, and some channeled guidance, Tina created The Crossing Over Prayer (C). Spoken aloud three times, this prayer is said to speed the ghost on it’s way to the light and the angels who are there to help.

Even a new construction home can have ghosts because they come with the land. No matter where you live, someone was there before you. Think beyond the settlers and the paths they took across the US. The Native American tribes originally populated this country.

Who knows who came before that? Ghosts can come from any time. They can be highly prevalent in a war-torn area. Tina told a great story about someone walking battlefields in Europe, freeing ghosts all across the land.

Ghosts of Children

crossing over ghostsTina has crossed over children who didn’t seem to know what to do or about their change of being. She told a wild story about a little girl ghost who followed her granddaughter home from school and ended up bothering her baby brother.

But all ends well! Tina’s method makes it all so simple. She swears anyone can do it.

Once a ghost is crossed over by saying the prayer, the healing can begin. That’s why these ghost stories are incredibly different. They come with happy endings as the spirits find peace and the living do too.

BIO – Tina Erwin

Tina is passionate about being a Ghost Helper: Teaching the Living to Help the Dead(R). She wants to empower us all to help all ghosts. This is the compassion you’d want for yourself, by using The Crossing Over Prayer (C) on and in “The Crossing Over Prayer Book (C).”

When a psychic only connects to a dead person, the ghost does not receive the critical assistance they desperately need. Tina has studied metaphysics all her life, gaining insight into the mystical world of magic and spirituality.

The author of eight books on metaphysics, her writing comes from an intense desire to know and understand the hard science behind the unseen world of action and reaction, combined with a sincere desire to share this understanding with other knowledge seekers.

Her life long studies into deeper meaning of events and actions were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level.

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