Meet Kelly Sullivan Walden: Dream Therapist, Author, Speaker, & Reverend

In this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream Therapist, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Reverend and workshop leader brimming with wit, warmth and wisdom!

Hot Air Balloon Crash

Doctor DreamI started the interview by asking Kelly about her hot air balloon crash. She had taken a large group and her balloon went off course into a Mexican wild game preserve!

From her balloon, someone saw a zebra, then a giraffe, elephant and caribou. This was NOT supposed to be happening. They drifted apart from the other balloons, finally crashing and being tossed from the basket. Thankfully, no one was injured.

As Kelly looked up, she was next to a giraffe. She stood up, hoping the giraffe would like her and knew this animal has the biggest heart of all land animals. At first it sniffed her, then licked her head! She said she felt loved.

In the jeep driving back to the group, they saw lions just 25 yards ahead. What an unexpected adventure!

Kelly Sullivan Walden’s New Book

A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to WasteIn her new book, A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Kelly talks about her OGLE method for turning the tragic into magic. An amazing technique, she explains how the process is truly transformative.

As a dream therapist, people come to see her when they are in emotional pain. Her mission has been to find a way to help clients resolve these situations quickly. She wanted something thorough, profound and fast and she found it!

In her own NDE, she got to see that the magic of spirit never stops. It’s always there. Kelly knew there had to be a simple way to call in the magic to turn things around when you are up against fear or issue and everything seems hopeless.

She amalgamized a bunch of things from her tool box, and with the help of her guides, created the OGLE method. This works to repair your heart and get you back into the flow of  magic quickly.

The OGLE Method

Here’s how the method works:

O stands for what is Offensive about what happened. This gives you permission to admit what was scary, mean or hurtful and express that. Just like the balloon crash, which was scary.

G is for Good. What good can you find about the situation? Her wayward balloon ride turned out to be a bucket list experience that wasn’t on her list. Seeing those animals up close was very magical coming from this trauma of crash landing.

L is for Looking Glass where the magic of transformation really starts to happen. Look at yourself and ask how am I like the person who offended me?

At first she blamed the balloonist who lost control over the drift. But Kelly realized she’s made plenty of mistakes herself over the years, which is why she needs to have compassion for others.

E is for Elevate to change the energy. You have to learn something, to create the magic. In this example, Kelly decided not to be a victim of this balloon crash, since thankfully everything worked out OK.

She also decided to give herself a break next time she makes a mistake. Shifting like this and taking positive action elevates your thoughts and vibration which is certainly where the magic resides!

What Kelly loves about the OGLE method is that it can change you and transform the situation fast, rather than dragging you down for a long time. Use this the moment you start to feel the downward spiral of emotions.

If magic is your birthright, acknowledge the tragic and heal, so you can move on more quickly to the magic.

Listen to more about transformation

The Dream Therapist – Kelly Sullivan Walden

Doctor DreamNext, we talked about dreams. Known as the Doctor Dream, Kelly knows the ins and outs of dream symbology. I asked if we could look at one of my old dreams that is still vivid in my memory.

In the dream, I was looking in my closet for something to wear to a party but couldn’t find anything that appealed. Suddenly, an older woman appeared asking me what the problem was.

I told her there was nothing good to wear and she responded by asking “What are you talking about? Look at what’s in here.” She waved her hand and magically changed everything in the closet to gorgeous favorites! Beautiful colors and sparkly options.

In the dream, I still couldn’t chose anything and never went to the party, although I was totally amazed by the options . At the time I dreamt this, I was not happy in my corporate job.

Dream Interpretation

Kelly likened my corporate job to the boring clothes in my closet. Clothes represent an identity that you put on. My clothes were conservative and drab like I felt about the company. Also, a closet can represent something closed off and not available to be seen by everyone.

Next, when there were so many colorful, fun clothes, it represented a vibrant aspect of my soul I hadn’t connected with. It might have been showing me all the amazing opportunities that were in store for me, too. More lavish, soulful and vibrant.

Kelly pointed out that the dream is still alive today, so I can go back in and change the end. Give it the ending I want now. She also pointed out that it might have been showing me the colorful life that has become my future.

There’s been tons of research related to finishing a dream this way, or as she calls it “Dreamafesting” (like manifesting, but with dreams). Harvard Medical School and Chicago Medical Institute have done extensive studies.

When they scan the brain, there’s a certain synapse that fires when you think about a bad dream. However, when you change your thoughts and reimagine it, your brain literally gets rewired!

The Golden Buddha

Golden BuddhaKelly tells a wonderful story about a solid gold Buddha in Thailand that was hidden by covering it in cement to protect it from invaders. Eventually people forgot what was hidden beneath the facade and the Buddha sat in a crumbling temple. until 1954 when it was moved and it’s true value was uncovered.

A golden glint was seen through cracks and it was restored to the original beauty close to the 2500 year anniversary of Siddhartha Gautama’s (Buddha) death. The Thai people saw this as a miracle.

We are all the Golden Buddha because we are naturally shiny and gold. But in this world of suffering (as Buddhists think of it), people cover themselves up for protection and forget the gold beneath.

When something difficult happens, a breakdown can become a breakthrough to crack that cement. That’s how the gold starts to peak through! Trauma and difficulties can help us excavate the gold beneath and the true self.

At the end, Kelly talked about her luxury retreat coming up called “The Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste Retreat” in Costa Rica. The 5-day trip is in June 2023 and you can find details here.

BIO – Kelly Sullivan Walden

Dream DoctorKelly Sullivan Walden is an international bestselling author of 10 books, an award winning dream expert and interfaith minister. She’s also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, religious science practitioner, speaker, and workshop facilitator.

Also known as Doctor Dream, Kelly’s unique approach to dream therapy led her to become a trusted advisor and coach to 1000s of people around the globe including Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and stay at home moms.

She hosts the podcast The Kelly Sullivan Walden Show on, and founded Dream Work Practitioner Training, teaching people to develop dream mastery.

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