Magical Life Coaching

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When You Seek Magic, You’ll Find It!

Magic is when things fall into place, you find inspiration in unexpected places, or the help you need just appears. It’s a fun, spiritual approach, that helps you live a more high-vibe life.

When you embrace the magic all around you and live from that place, so much more is possible!

Sometimes following a spiritual path is not always easy. If you have a big decision to make, feel stuck or lost, or need objective, higher level guidance from spirit, Magical Life Coaching will be incredibly helpful.

How I Work

I have a unique gift for zeroing in on the heart of the matter surprisingly fast, based on being an long-time channel and psychic with two decades of coaching experience. And I’ve been on the spiritual path myself for over 30 years.

With you, I will tune in to get the highest information available including your past lives from the Akashic Records, speaking to your spirit guides and mine, and your ancestors who occasionally pop in to offer guidance.

If needed, I also use energetic healing and Reiki Master skills to clear blocks or free up sluggish energy.

My work is heart-centered, practical, down-to-earth, and solution-based. I access the Akashic Records and upper-level spirits for answers to your questions about the past, present, or future and what is in your best interest.

Answers for Your Highest Path

Magical Life Coaching helps you make soul-level decisions, take inspired action and connect with your own inner magic!

The choices are always yours to make. You’ll enjoy a series of private sessions to help you live your best life, make wise choices, and take steps toward your desires for your highest good.

Or choose from packages with four sessions for a quick turnaround or eight sessions for longer-term clarity on your path.

And for a limited time only, I am offering single sessions so you can see what this is like and how it works for you.

Who I Work With

I work with smart, successful women on a spiritual path who are open to personal and spiritual growth, new viewpoints, trying something different, and moving forward now.

You seek higher wisdom to understand life’s puzzles and want to eliminate obstacles and limitations that have held you back.

You are ready to get clear, let go of what no longer serves you, and take those important next steps, on the path to being your authentic, best self.

Expected Results

  • Gain clarity and keen insights about a current situation or one from the past.
  • Understand your highest path at this time and next steps to get you there.
  • Make wise choices for your highest good.
  • Learn methods to access your own higher wisdom.
  • Build trust in your abilities to become self-reliant.
  • Enjoy support, so you no longer feel alone on your path.

Are You Ready for More Magic in Your Life?