Magnify Your Love Vibes & Power of Attraction

How Are Your Vibes?


Your attitudes and beliefs  have a major impact on how attractive men find you. Have you checked on your Love Vibes lately or given this any thought? You better!

If nothing you’ve tried has helped you meet the kind of quality man you’re really looking for, that can be a sign that you might not be sending out good vibrations.

You meet guys who aren’t educated or don’t ask questions about yourself. Or you meet men who seem interested, but never call again, keep text but stop asking you out or say they’re too busy to date right now.

You are simply not connecting or getting anywhere with your goal to find love.

Are You a Spiritual Gal Ready to Rev Up Your Love Vibration?

You are on a spiritual path and know about the Law of Attraction. Maybe you saw the movie The Secret, read the book or listened to the CDs. Perhaps you’ve had some success manifesting money or something else you wanted . But you never really applied spiritual principles to dating or finding love.

Maybe you thought about trying the Law of attraction to bring love into your life, but weren’t sure how to do it? Or maybe you did try it, but didn’t have the results you hoped for. You have nothing to show for all those affirmations or vision boards you made which is incredibly disappointing. Sometimes you wonder if you used the method correctly?


If you are ready to magnify your Love Vibes and Power of Attraction,
this program will show you how!



magnify love vibes

Now you can learn how to apply Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction and other energetic principles to find the love you want from a woman who used these methods successfully herself. While I did all the usual things to meet men and date, I also focused on the inner work. I opened my heart to love, raised my love vibration and learned how to manifest the adorable, loyal man I married.

This Worked for Me!


My journey to find love started within me. I worked on my energy and beliefs first before I even got out to meet men. I knew I had blocks to love from old relationships that ended badly and left me wounded. I also knew my love energy was stagnant and stale, having lost it magnetic power.

I created a program for myself to turn that around. After using a few of these surprisingly powerful exercises, everything started to change. I was surprised at how quickly the shift began and I started meeting men within six weeks.

I share these proven methods with my private coaching clients all the time, but now it’s time to make the exercises available to more women. You too can apply these simple, yet powerful methods to open your heart and attract love into your life.

This collection of proven energetic techniques will help you connect with better quality men so you can find “The One” for you. When you clear your heart and apply The Law of Attraction, you dramatically increase your opportunities to connect with a good man from the heart level. He’s out there, but sometimes you need that extra little push from the Universe to line everything up, making you that much more vibrant and attractive.

“This audio [I Believe] has been an amazing help! First, it helps me relax before
I go to sleep and gets into my subconscious mind. I want to listen to it as much
as possible. I have noticed a big shift in how open my heart is to all people, not
just men. What a difference! I can’t thank you enough.” –Rubina from Chicago

What’s Covered in this Live 4-Week Teleclass

Session #1 – Align with Love
Learn how to align with love and ensure your subconscious mind is not sabotaging your action steps. Discover how to create a vision of the right man for you and seven ways to raise your love vibration.

Session #2 – Eliminate Blocks to Love
Eliminate any blocks to love that have been holding you back and learn how to easily release them. Attitude and beliefs are everything when it comes to finding love with the Law of Attraction. Be sure you heart is open so you can connect at the heart level with quality men.

Session #3 –Manage Your Energy
Find out how to lighten up, stay present, avoid “Futurizing” and remain positive to keep your options open and flowing. Understand your feminine charm and ways to apply that to ensure you are as attractive as possible to masculine men.

Session #4 – The Keys to Attract Quality Men
Discover how to up your game to attract quality men and what the good guys look for in a woman. Once you know these simple steps as well as what to avoid, you’re interactions with men will be far more productive.

This is not a lecture! There will be time to practice methods and discuss your individual concerns. You will be heard and assisted to implement the Law of Attraction properly so you can make the most of these methods and our work together.

When Is the Program?

4 Monday nights including November 14, 21, 28 and December 5 from 8pm – 9pm est
The timing is PERFECT to get you ready for the holiday season and more importantly for after New Year’s Day when dating and seeking love is at a peak.


What Else Is Included?

  • 4 one-hour teleclasses – $1,200 value (compared to private coaching)
  • Recordings and transcripts to review again anytime – $199 value
  • I Believe Audio – $27 value
  • I’m So Alluring Visualization Audio – $27 value
  • 7 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibration Report – $27 value
  • Create Your Vision of the Right Man Worksheets – $27 value
  • Eliminate Blocks to Love Exercises – $47 value
  • 8 Chants to Amp Up Your Energy – $27 value
  • 10 Ways to Radiate Feminine Charm Exercises – $27 value
  • 5 Keys to Attract Quality Men Handout – $27 value

That’s a Value of over $1,600!


Plus, you’ll receive access to these valuable bonuses:

  • 30-minute Private Coaching Session with me to identify and address blocks- $150 value
  • How to Attract Love and Keep it with Feng Shui – $27 value
  • Flirt School – Use the Body Language that Make You Approachable to More Men – $47

That’s an additional $224 in bonuses for a total program value of over $1,800!

“After taking Ronnie’s workshop MANifesting Mr. Right, I found my soulmate!
Ronnie was so wonderful. Her program broke down my resistance to opening
my heart to love in a funny way, so that I laughed at myself rather than
condemn myself. I listened to her CD I Believe, used several of her other
energetic techniques and my confidence that I’d find love grew.
Ronnie’s work is so positive and encouraging,
I recommend to her anyone! Thank you.” –Nicole in CT

Since my goal is to give more women to have access to these empowering Universal Principles and methods. I’m going to keep the cost down and cut that price to less than half at $695.

But that is not really accessible enough. So this spring, I’m cutting the price even deeper so you won’t hesitate to sign up.

Register now!

I’ve literally spent years learning about the Law of Attraction and applying Universal Principles. I’ve taken workshops, worked with coaches and bought and read more books than I care to admit. Not only that, but I created many of these exercises myself, drawing upon my own positive experiences and proved that they work. My clients have used them successfully too for over 14 years.

That’s what I’m going to be sharing with you. You won’t need to do any research about the most effective techniques – I’ve done all that for you.

Do something that will surely help you attract the love you long for into your life. Register now for the Spiritual Gal’s Guide to Attracting Love Again. Open to the inner world of MANifesting and aligning your energy and inner self with your outer actions to find love faster.

Yes Ronnie! I want to rev up my Love Vibration Now!

I just I dropped the price another $200, so you only pay $297. But this is a limited time offer so register now before the price goes back up.


For anyone who registered for the November 1st Teleclass – The Spiritual Side of Dating –

Gain access to my Home Study Program – The Midlife Gal’s Guide to Finding Love Again – a $297 value and it’s your free when you register for this live program.

All this for just $297!