Love Yourself First To Find True Love With An Amazing Quality Man

Do you love yourself first above all else? I sure hope so! Nothing is more important for building self esteem and attracting lasting love with a quality guy.

What It Means To Love Yourself First

love yourself first In case you are wondering what all the fuss about self love is really about, let me start by explaining what I’m talking about. When you love yourself first, you feel good about yourself no matter what.

For example, if you’re looking for love and get rejected by some guy, you don’t let that define you. In other words, his rejection doesn’t make you any less of a woman or down great your status as a great catch.

Nope, you understand that if anything this is a reflection on him. And that he was NOT the right man for you because he didn’t recognize how awesome you are. You say to yourself, “Oh well, his loss!”

In addition, you don’t spiral down thinking there must be something wrong with you or that you’ll never find a decent man.  Not when you love yourself!

You know you just need to hang in there and keep meeting men until you find the right one. You solidly believe love is your destiny and you love yourself no matter what other people say or do.

Maybe you feel a momentary pang but it doesn’t linger because ultimately, you love yourself first.

Why Self Love Matters

That’s what all the hub bub is about self love and building self-esteem. When you love yourself first, you have a good deal of confidence and believe in yourself.

This helps you handle all the rejection life throws at you,taking it in stride. You see it as a small bump in the road and are not deterred from your goal – whether you want a new job or a new man.

When you are good with yourself, you don’t beat yourself up thinking it’s all your fault. You can look at yourself and assess what part you might have played in whatever happened which is healthy. And you might choose to improve something or change a habit.

But you do NOT assume all the blame.

Loving yourself first matters so much because it’s a healthy way of handling life’s disappointments, big or small. And this also helps you recover faster when things go wrong in any area of life.

Blaming Yourself Is A Bad Habit

When you assume you are the one at fault and there must be something wrong with you, it’s a lot like crawling underneath some big rock that’s hard to get out from under. That blame always seem to hang over you and keeps your self-esteem low.

When you love yourself first, you don’t automatically make yourself wrong. You realize you may have played a role in what took place and  can look at what transpired with a balanced and objective viewpoint.

This ability frees up your energy to learn and grow and move on more quickly. You bounce back from setbacks relatively quickly rather than having to dig yourself out of a deep well of self-loathing.

Kamal Ravikant Wrote The BestSeller On Self Love

Have you read Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It? So awesome! Basically Kamal explains why your life actually depends on the idea that you love yourself first.

Think about it this way. When you fly, the safety instructions always tell adults to pt their own oxygen mask on first before assisting ANYONE ELSE. That means before your children.

Why is that? Because if you aren’t OK, you can’t help your children or anyone else!

In order to be your most productive, effective and the best you you can be, you have to love yourself first.  Just like Kamal Ravikant says – your life depends on it.

The book is being re-released in January 2020, but you can still get a copy and listen to it Free from if you are a new member.

5 Methods for Building Self Esteem

I’ve become a HUGE FAN of building self-esteem and finding ways to love yourself first because as a love and dating coach, I know how important this is. Self love is at the very foundation of finding a healthy, loving relationship.

So, how do you go about building self-esteem?

1.Focus on Self Care

love yourself firstWhen you take really good care of yourself, this is a powerful way to improve your self worth. This might include eating well, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, exercise, applying lotion, getting a facial, or taking a bubble bath.

2.Engage in Self-Reflection

Self-reflection means giving yourself time to think and get to know yourself. This can include several ways to better understand yourself like journaling about a situation, meditating on a problem, or traditional talk therapy.

3. Get Some Body Work

You might have a massage, try a Reiki energy session or try reflexlogy. There are countless ways to get potentially stuck energy moving again for healing trapped patterns in the body so you can move on.

4. Look in the Mirror

Louise Hay, author of the Bestseller You Can Heal Yourself and founder of Hay House Publishing which offers personal development of all kinds was all abut self love! She encouraged people to look in a mirror several times through out the day to actually say, “I love you” to your very own face.

Louise, who healed herself from a serious illness and became a driving force in the spiritual and personal development arena worked tirelessly to find ways for people to grow, learn and love themselves.

While she recently passed, she was a dynamic loving force and a champion of positive thinking and affirmations. You can find her on Youtube as well.

5. Do Things That Make You Happy

Are you aware of what makes you happy? So many people haven’t a clue! If you are like that, then its time to reacquaint yourself with what makes your heart sing and brings a smile to your lips.

You might enjoy playing tennis or golf, dancing, yoga, biking, being in nature or walking at the beach. Or you might come alive with creativity such as painting, crocheting or knitting, playing a musical instrument or even singing.

Some people love to give of themselves so volunteering my feel really good. Figure it out and try something!

Decide to Love Yourself First Today

Whatever methods you decide to love yourself more and really appreciate how wonderful you are, don’t wait! Start today.

Nothing attracts a high quality man better than a confident woman who loves herself, has strong boundaries and doesn’t take any crap just to have a man in her life.

When you love yourself first, people have a magnetic attraction to you because you are warm and easy to be with. Your ability to love yourself allows your light to shine and other people to see the good in themselves as well.

Honestly, if you think there should be more love in this world, simply start today by loving yourself. Nothing is more powerful for you and everyone you come in contact with.

Wishing you love!


If you are ready to love yourself but want guidance to find this path, this program Time to Shine will give you 31 days of exercises to build self-love and confidence.






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