Love is in the Air: Real Life Survival Guide with Bruce Barber

Real Life Survival Guide

I had the pleasure of being on NPR recently with Bruce Barber. His show, The Real Life Survival Guide is like a cocktail party broadcast on the radio. We sat at a table in John Davenport’s restaurant at the top of New Haven’s Omni Hotel and shared an amazing meal (totally unexpected by me). Yummy food, one dish after another, was brought to our table.

I held off indulging in the tasty morsels filling the table, but once the sea bass came around I decided to just go for it! Everyone else was eating so what the heck right? Naturally I got caught with a mouthful when it was my turn to talk. I waved Bruce off pointing to my smacking lips smiling from mussels in a delightful broth. Mmmmmmm good!

The “show” was really something. Bruce, who is a fantastic host (you may remember him from his Smith and Barber days on WPLR) has an irrepressible smile and a mischievous glint in his eye. He’s always cooking up something fun to talk about on his show. I’ve been on before and was actually part of the pilot.

The topic of this show was “Love is in the Air.” The show aired the Sunday after Valentine’s Day. Each guest contributed several questions about love and then Bruce picked the ones he found most intriguing. While I was the dating expert of the team, others certainly had their own opinions as you’ll hear Matt Scott shoot me down saying he doesn’t agree that you should be out looking for love. It should just happen. Ahh Matt, the blush of youth. A single media guy in your 30’s with a great voice (and good looking too), you probably meet women every where you go right? Hey, I ‘m resilient and sassy and gave it right back to him!

Another woman there Danyel has a very interesting business. She opens “pop-up” stores in New Haven. Over the Christmas holiday, she opened a Vintage Christmas Sweater store and sold out of her inventory in just two days! She had to replenish her stock of 250 sweaters immediately and to her surprise, she sold out again in another few days. Guess that’s a good one for next year.

Danyel reminded me of Bethenny Frankel from Bravo TV (she was one of the NY Housewives until she got her own show) with her slim, long-haired look and super quick wit.

Another guest was Sarah who is a warm, friendly, down-to-earth women and a freelance writer. Very nice. She had some great things to say about love and family and made everyone there a Valentine!

Here’s the link to listen – its worth the time!



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