Love for Grown Ups – A New Book by the “Garter Brides”

Love for Grown-Ups - The Garter Brides

Just finished reading Love for Grown-Ups; The Garter Brides Guide to Marrying for Life When You’ve Already Got a Life. The book just came out in August and they sent me a copy!

This book is a great resource! The authors, Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, Patricia Ryan Lampl and Tish Rabe share their wisdom on dating and getting married in midlife. They also interviewed other “Garter Brides” who tell their stories and offer wonderful suggestions on midlife love, merging families, dealing with exes, wedding planning and more.

What is a “Garter Bride”?

These three girlfriends started a a powerful ritual. When the first one got married, she gave her wedding garter to the second friend, who then got married and gave it to the third friend! A new ritual was born as woman after woman passed the charmed garter, sharing a magnetic force that seems to have generated one happy marriage after anther!

Ann, Patricia and Tish created a sisterhood without realizing it, of grateful women who met the right man, fell in love and married. Through this special sisterhood, you can tap into their wisdom, true stories and real-life strategies for a happy and fulfilling love life of your own.

As an aside, what I find so interesting about this is, I had a marriage totem passed to me too! During my dating journey, my friend Pat had gotten married. One of her other girlfriends had passed along a magnet of a princess kissing a frog. Pat insisted this brought her luck and the man of her dreams as she married for the first time at 46.

I had the magnet for a few short months before I met my husband and once we got engaged, I passed it along to another friend. It worked for her too! There was a string of dating and marriage successes and now I’ve lost track of the magnet – but I bet its still traveling from woman to woman working its magic!

This book is rich with tips and strategies on how to solve or address many of the midlife issues that crop up once you fall in love. Things like:

  • Meeting the family and exes
  • When to meet kids and the best way to handle this important milestone
  • How to handle extended family conflicts
  • What to do if your friends don’t like your guy
  • What to think about before you move in
  • How to blend finances
  • Negotiating furniture and decor
  • How to negotiate house work and responsibilities
  • To prenup or not
  • Wedding planning
  • Reviewing divorce agreements and wills

I haven’t seen a book like this before and think its about time! There are so many things that crop up in midlife since you’ve already got a life. This is a fabulous guide to help before and when things get complicated. You’ll read about real life situations and how others successfully handled or avoided obstacles.

If you are wondering about any of these midlife relationship issues, I definitely recommend Love for Grown-Ups.

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