Love Coaching

Discover What’s Keeping You from the Love You Want

dating coach for women4 Fundamentals of Love Coaching

Understanding – I’ve been in your shoes and found love after 40, so I get you. My clients come to me confused, tired, or nervous about dating, especially having to figure it out all on your own. With compassion, I’ll help you discover where you’re stuck and create a simple plan to move forward.

Practical Wisdom – This proven program and practical advice are based 20 years of experience with women like you, who are smart, successful, and single. You’ll receive the timeless methods I used to meet and marry my adorable husband and countless clients have relied on to find lasting love.

This process works better than traditional therapy because it is highly specific to dating and action-oriented vs. endless talking.

Accountability –  Working with me, you’ll find I’m objective and get to the root cause quickly. Not being your friend or a family member means I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. With two decades behind me, I KNOW what works.

Get support so you can be savvy and courageous on your journey, and keep MOVING to find the love you dream of.

Customization – Every client gets a customized program created to meet your specific needs and life experience. Being very selective, I only work with clients who are committed, ready, and willing to give conscious dating a real shot.

Reset Your Love Life

This exclusive program helps you uncover and let go of blocks that keep you from attracting love with a quality man.

Whether these are beliefs and attitudes about yourself, dating, love, men, or stem from not understanding the fundamentals of dating today, your approach with me will be transformed.

Stop Blaming Yourself and Dating the Wrong Guys

Stop self-sabotage, beating yourself up, chasing men, or hanging on to dead-end guys. Discover a new way to date that builds confidence and self-worth, so you show up as a high-quality woman whom men pursue and want to be with.

You’ll have access to my online learning series, My Time for Love, with more than 8 hours of recorded lessons, plus books, worksheets, meditations and more, valued at $1,000.

Have your dating app profile polished or crafted to stand out from other women, get noticed, and attract better quality men

Who I Work With

I work with smart, successful women who have already done some personal and spiritual growth, are self-reflective and ready to date now.

You seek practical and higher-level guidance to understand dating and eliminate obstacles and limitations that have held you back.

You are ready to get clear, discover new ideas and strategies, and take next steps to be your authentic best self, so you find lasting love with the right man.

Expected Results

  • Clarify what’s been preventing you from finding love
  • Release the past to make a fresh start
  • Get crystal clear on the partner you want
  • Date with greater confidence, knowing what works best to find lasting love today
  • Exude feminine charm to attract a quality man
  • Hone your ability to weed out undesirables and spot time-wasting men
  • Set up healthy boundaries and strengthen your self-worth
  • Trust yourself so you stop over thinking and second guessing everything
  • Understand men and what they say vs. what they do!

Enjoy caring support, keen insights, proven methods, and 20 years of experience that is 100% on target to help you find the love you deserve.