Law of Attraction Tips for Love

Law of Attraction TipsAre you a successful business woman with a thriving career but no love in sight? Your business triumphs don’t translate when it comes to romance. That’s where the Law of Attraction tips for love will make a tremendous difference in your dating journey. Let me explain.

I was recently speaking to one of my favorite new clients, and she suddenly had a eureka moment. She is a woman who knows herself well. Lilly has done a lot of personal development work, and taken many workshops, several about finding love. Yet, she is still single and feeling understandably frustrated. She expressed this to me and said, “I just can’t make this happen!”

This realization represents a major turning point because Lilly is right. Love is NOT like a business goal where nose-to-the-grindstone will get results. Love requires feminine energy and the Art of Allowing. The first time I ever heard that phrase was from the work of Esther Hicks, an expert on the Law of Attraction and I used this during my own dating journey.

If you aren’t familiar with the Law of Attraction, I’ll give you the quick version. The Law of Attraction is one of the  Universal spiritual principles that states, “Like attracts like.” That means, if you want to find love, your personal energy and vibration need to be loving and aligned with the loving energy you want to attract. This is the main reason why complaining about men, dating and love gets in the way of finding the right man. The energy of complaining runs counter to the love vibration you really desire.

For a hard-driving career woman, the Art of Allowing often needs to be learned. Some single gals simply need to become re-familiarized with it. The Art of Allowing is innate for women because it’s all about feminine energy. The divine feminine is creative and receptive, where as  the divine masculine is about taking action and making things happen. I hope your own ah-ha moment is starting to approach right about now.

Back to Lilly. She was right on the money because she cannot make love happen. She has to learn how to attract love and allow it into her life. This requires using her divine feminine energy and allure since that is what attracts a man and his masculine energy. This goes far deeper than current day gender equality. I am talking about your DNA and your vibration at the cellular level. This is why I know you have access because its actually coded into your cells, handed down from your ancestors genetically.

Awaken Your Cellular Memory to Use the Law of Attraction
My job as a dating coach for women over 40 is to awaken that cellular memory, so you can leverage the Art of Allowing and attract the right man for you. This is not something you can force. You cannot make love happen. For the Law of Attraction to work, you will need to balance your energy and stay in the feminine.

Don’t Chase Men – Men Don’t Respond to Your Masculine Energy!
That’s why when you ask men out, text and call them or basically chase them in any way, you lose. Why? Because these actions are considered traditional masculine behaviors. Unfortunately, you can’t catch masculine with masculine for a heterosexual relationships.

Law of Attraction Tips for Love

To leverage the Law of Attraction, learn how to attract men into your life. Yes, you will need to be socially active to meet men, but then you want to attract them to you. So try online dating sites and start conversations. Be friendly at parties or singles events. Get fixed up by your friends and family, bur that’s the end of the use of your natural masculine energy. You’ve got to let it go and learn to allow men in from there.

What Does Allowing Look Like?
Here’s what it doesn’t look like…

  • Don’t ask men out
  • Don’t call men first (0f course do respond if they call)
  • Don’t pay for the first date
  • Don’t buy tickets to events and invite men
  • Don’t hand men your business card unless they ask for it

Men know EXACTLY what to do to go on a date with you. If a man is not taking this action, don’t chase him, thinking you can make it happen. If anything might work, it would be to ignore him or disappear for a while. Most men who are decisive, leader types will not be captivated by an aggressive woman. They might want to see if they can get lucky, but won’t likely consider you for lasting love.

Law of Attraction – Love

To use the Law of Attraction to find love, you need to use your feminine charm. Learn how to flirt. Remember how to be alluring. Let men come to you. Practice body language that says you are approachable and friendly, like 2-3 seconds of eye contact and a smile before turning your head. Let the man lead. And if that doesn’t work with a particular man, MOVE ON.

Back to Lilly

This was Lilly’s big ah-ha moment and a true breakthrough. Once she admitted she couldn’t make love happen, a new door opened. The Art of Allowing came into play and she was ready to learn about her feminine nature, her DNA and how to relate to men as a strong female presence, rather than a competitive masculine presence, Stay tuned. I am very excited about what will happen next for Lilly on her dating journey. Things are really looking up.

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