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All sessions will be held from 8pm – 9pm edt
1-712-432-3066     Code: 204354


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Monday November 14th – Session #1 – Align with Love
Learn how to align with love and ensure your subconscious mind is not sabotaging your action steps. Discover how to create a vision of the right man for you and seven ways to raise your love vibration.




Monday, November 21st – Session #2 – Eliminate Blocks to Love
Eliminate any blocks to love that have been holding you back and learn how to easily release them. Attitude and beliefs are everything when it comes to finding love with the Law of Attraction. Be sure you heart is open so you can connect at the heart level with quality men.




Monday, November 28th – Session #3 –Manage Your Energy
Find out how to lighten up, stay present, avoid “Futurizing” and remain positive to keep your options open and flowing. Understand your feminine charm and ways to apply that to ensure you are as attractive as possible to masculine men.




Monday, December 5th – Session #4 – The Keys to Attract Quality Men
Discover how to up your game to attract quality men and what the good guys look for in a woman. Once you know these simple steps as well as what to avoid, you’re interactions with men will be far more productive.

This is not a lecture! There will be time to practice methods and discuss your individual concerns. You will be heard and assisted to implement the Law of Attraction properly so you can make the most of these methods and our work together.




Audio Program: I Believe – Affirmations to Attract Love Now (Click below to download the four tracks)

Track 1: Introduction and Instructions

download MP3

Track 2: 20-Minute Affirmation Session

download MP3

Track 3: 10-Minute Affirmation Session

download MP3

Track 4: 5-Minute Affirmation Refresher

download MP3

Audio Program: I’m So Alluring– Visualize Your Desirability

You can listen to the program with the player or or download it. To download the Mp3 file, make sure you save the file to your computer first, rather than just open it in the player.

Listen|titles= I’m So Alluring]


Audio Program: 8 Chants to MANifest Love Now Click here to download the audio (there are eight tracks)



PDF downloads

10 Ways to Radiate Feminine Energy

Right Man for Me Worksheets


Flirt School – To access the Flirt School Material, please click here


Attract Love with Feng Shui will be posted soon so please check back

The ebook WhyCantiIFindLoveEbook is a PDF format and to open and read it, you’ll need the free software, Adobe Acrobat. You can download your copy here if needed.