Dating After Divorce: John Tesh Offers Truly Useless Dating Advice

Oh – my – word! On the way to dinner tonight, I flicked past a radio station on which John Tesh was blathering on with dating advice. In all fairness, I didn’t hear if he was the source, or he was just reading someone else’s pathetic excuse for helpful dating strategies.

Who can remember all the details, but I can share a few tidbits that still stand out hours later.

Gentlemen, if your date is wearing too much perfume, tell her she has something on her neck, wet your napkin and wipe her neck off.  If that doesn’t work, the perfume might be on her wrists.  Then you might have to go next to a cold location because warmth makes the perfume more aromatic.

I KID YOU NOT! This is for real – verbalized on the radio.

Can you imagine someone reaching across the table to wipe your neck off and finishing the date? This is beyond reality, beyond belief.

Another erudite kernel of dating wisdom involved your date talking about his/her ex. If the woman talks about how distant her ex was, as a man , you can start talking about car mechanics (as a passive aggressive way ) to let her know this is boring to you.  For the ladies, should your date bring up his ex, start talking about some feminine topic that he won’t be interested in either.

Gee John, that’s real mature.

This reminds me of my post on Three Bits of Bad Dating Advice – truth is I wanted to call that post – Bad Dating Advice that Infuriates Me – but I didn’t have the nerve. Guess John has me all riled up now huh?

Grow up John. Stick to singing or hosting  but PLEASE leave the dating advice to those who know what they’re talking about and make some sense.



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