JJ DiGeronimo – How To Advance Your Career & Life With Mindfulness

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, JJ DiGeronimo shares how mindfulness helps you advance your career, business, and life.

From Tech Leader to Empowering Women

I wondered how JJ, a tech industry leader, pivoted her career to become a coach and speaker for career women. She told me it wasn’t part of her plan, but instead came about through a bit of desperation.

Women have so much marketed and promised to us with the idea that if you just keep going it will all come together. But for her, it all fell apart!

She had her children in her 30s and she realized that sometimes she lost herself in saying yes to things that didn’t serve her. So, she pulled some women together to figure out how to get going in the right direction. Then she wrote it all down and shared with other women.

JJ DiGeronimo’s Biggest Secret

This got me curious to know what her biggest secret was along this bumpy path to her current success. JJ said, recently she turned 50, and she can say that her biggest secret is that “The Work” starts within.

Society makes you feel you have to stretch outside yourself to get “there” wherever that is. She’s still trying to figure that one out. But many women have started to catch on that the dangling carrot just keeps moving ahead.

Until you stop and realize this is not a recipe for success and isn’t making me feel good. Where the hell is my joy? That’s when you need to regroup, figure out who you are, what you stand for and what makes you happy. All of that starts within.

Maybe this is why so many people are quitting or doing the gig economy as a result of this discomfort with working the way we have been for so long. The typical pathway has become intolerable.

Earth Energy Is Shifting

earth is shiftingJJ pointed out that the energy on the earth is shifting and we are moving more towards the feminine. So things need to be shaken up. Is this working for me? Do I believe in that? Is this what I stand for?

She also admitted that she doesn’t do the inner work alone. JJ’s mom started taking her to Lily Dale (a spiritualist community near Buffalo, NY) back when she was 12! She returned back to her spirituality and many of the modalities from her youth to figure out who she had become in her life and career.

She has worked with the Enneagram, Human Design, and Gene Keys to name a few, all providing insights into what makes her tick. What other energy practices does she use?

JJ talked about ancient energy practices for women to tap into the earth and their own inner wisdom, and unfortunately many women have lost this. These practices are the tools that can help you reconnect with who you are and why you are here.

Connecting with Women

She loves to connect with women with solid practitioners which she does through her online community TogetherWeSeek.online. This offers a way to get an additional level of insight with a trusted practitioner. Practices include Jaguar Sacred Dancing, Cardology, Astrocartography and many others.

Her latest book, Seeking, is a 12 year journey she’s been on, both working with practitioners, but also her own inner journey with 250 prompts to investigate.

The real work is understanding your stories. Are they hurting or helping you. YOU need quiet time to look at these stories to see what you are ready to release and what strengthens you.

A Buffet of Spiritual Methods

JJ DiGeronimoI think there is an endless buffet of spiritual methods, so it is important to choose something and go in deeper. There is so much out there to choose from and at some point you have to just STOP, sit with it, and let it all settle in.

JJ agreed. At one point she went for a reading and it seemed like the Tower card (from the Tarot deck) kept showing up. The advice she got and followed was to go to mindfulness training.

At first, she didn’t want to hear about it. But the advisor convinced her that it was a vital step for her. Things were falling apart all around her, causing her to look within. That’s why JJ is grateful for this advice.

Being Present

She learned how to be in the present moment which changed her life. She compared it to our podcast conversation where we were having a solid exchange of energy. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

The magic happens in that present moment – to really be where you are at. You have to get out of your head and just be.

Often, we live in the future, planning what’s next or thinking about how you’ll be happy when xyz happens. Or in the past, feeling filled with regrets or what did or didn’t happen or get done.

JJ also has a gratitude practice that she does through her today, noticing how things are going her way which is also a big help with her mindful process.

Shut Down Your Inner Critic

inner criticGoing back to the stories you tell yourself, you can also call them the monkey mind, the gremlin, the inner critic. The point is your inner voice that holds you back and tears you down is not your true authentic self.

Dealing with that inner voice is vital to make sure it doesn’t ruin your dreams. Doing this also helped JJ start to hear whispers. I call this intuition.

For instance, she heard she should bring women together in nature, but had no idea what to do with that. Then, she went to one of her favorite energy practitioners for a little coaching who gave her amazing advice.

“JJ, build an event that you want to attend.” Now, this year she’s having her 7th annual retreat in nature! Getting that additional help really helped.

This is EXACTLY the kind of intuitive coaching I do with my clients. Helping career women or those in business become more aware of their own inner wisdom. Tune into your own authentic truth and get familiar and comfortable with it so you can trust it!

When you find a way to stop second guessing yourself that is the core of finding your way. That’s how I help so many people gain clarity and figure out their next step.

Also, JJ DiGeronimo pointed out that the spiritual journey is not a solo trip. That’s why it’s so helpful to find your tribe and get support. Each one of us, as we step into our journey, lights the path for countless others.

JJ’s Free Gift – 10 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Step into Mindfulness

BIO – JJ DiGeronimo

new book called SeekingAward-winning author and former tech industry leader empowers women with tried-and-tested strategies, mindfulness, and energetic practices to increase their impact and influence. Her work has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Thrive Global.

Through her three books, keynotes, and popular podcasts, Career Strategies for Women that Work and Together WE Seek, JJ shares proven key findings that help women gain more seats at more tables. Discover her work at or inside her community, TogetherWeSeek.Online

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