Dating Over 40: Jewish Men – Commitment Phobes Who Prefer Shiksas

If you’re a Jewish woman looking to marry a Jewish man, this is a very long but well done article that explains why you might be having a hard time. The writer, Sarah comes up with many explanations including how Jewish men think most Jewish women aren’t thin enough and are too materialistic. Sort of anti-Semitic aren’t they?

The author also mentions how having an advanced degree can work against you – well that idea was just published in the Wall Street Journal. (and on my blog the other day.) And, for whatever reason, more Jewish men are resistant to commitment. They needed a research project to discover this? Ask any Jewish 30 something woman right? She can tell you anecdotally.

Anyway – it you are in this situation, now you have ammo for when Mom and Grandma start loading on the guilt about why you’re still single. Print it out and save it for when you need it. Or send them the link! But hold this in the rainy day file for a time you might want to pull it out and hand it over to one more good-natured auntie who just has your best interest in mind – if you know what I  mean.

BUT – don’t lose hope or let this article get you down.

Keep this in mind: Not one but two astrologers said getting married wasn’t in my stars. And Newsweek magazine in 1987 said that a single woman over 35 had a better chance of being abducted by terrorists. I defied all this when I found the right man for me and married him. Total nonsense. You make your own opportunities and choices.

So, if you want a Jewish guy, make sure you do whatever you need to do to meet as many as possible. The more you meet, the better your chances of clicking. Stick to your preferences, be realistic if you start getting unreasonable and follow your heart. I still think your chances are pretty good if you make the effort.

Wishing you gefilte fish kisses and  lots of lox with love!



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