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Who Are You Attracted To?

Find out what type of men you are attracted to or have dated, so you will
know what to watch out for in the future so you can
better identify Mr. Wrong.

Who’s My Type Dating Quiz

Who Is Your Mr. Right?

Take the time now to figure out who Mr. Right is. This is your opportunity to
learn more about yourself, the qualities you want in a man and in a relationship.
You will actually be creating a blueprint that describes the right man for you.
Knowing who he is will keep you on track and help you say “No” to all the
wrong men you meet and hold out for the right man.

Mr. Right Blueprint

Should You Pay on the First Date?

There’s a lot of discussion about who should pay on a first date.
I’ve got 10 good reasons why a woman should NEVER pay on the first date.
Keep your wallet in your purse, zip your lips, and let him pick up the check!

10 Reasons Why A Woman Shouldn’t Pay

Here’s What Clients Say about
Working with Me

I’ve been a dating coach since 2002 and have helped 100s of women
who have a hot career but chilly love life to find love.
I work with the Law of Attraction combined with proven, practical
and easy strategies to meet men and find the right one for you.


“With Ronnie’s help, it is now raining men for me!
I sometimes have 3-5 dates in a week and am having
the time of my life.  Ronnie will show you how to
make online dating work for you like you never dreamed
was possible before. She sure did that for me!”
–Jerri in Florida

“Once I decided to work with Ronnie, she gently held me
accountable to follow through on my goals in a
compassionate way. This encouraged me to keep promises to
myself which in the past I might have wiggled out of.
So, when it came time to go to the singles dance, I went
even though I didn’t want to go at all. Good thing I did because
I met the man I’m dating now and couldn’t be happier!

He is everything I have been looking for but didn’t think I
ever find. But I have! Ronnie has tons of very helpful
information that‘s
specific to me like how to flirt.
She encouraged me to relax and
be my authentic self
which made all the difference.

-Melissa in California


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including the Strategy Session

Apply for your Free Dating Discovery Session Now.

Every week I get more than 20 requests for a free Dating Discover 45-minute session with me, where I help women understand what’s keeping them from having the love they long for.

If you would like to be considered for a session with me please complete the following online application.

I encourage you to be as open as possible in your responses since I only work with people who are serious about attracting love into your life now.

Apply now and then you’ll be able to schedule a pending Dating Discovery session with me.

  • If your application is accepted and you schedule your time on my calendar, you’ll receive reminders in advance of the call.
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Please Note: This is not a free 45-minute coaching call. This call will identify where the struggles are in your dating life and if there’s a good fit for us to work together.