Get The Intuitive Edge With Ronnie Ann Ryan


Business intuitive coach

Intuitive Insights and Advice for Business and Life

Inner wisdom allows you to make good decisions, trust your gut, and strengthen confidence.  With access to intuitive guidance, you can run and grow a prosperous, fulfilling business with greater balance.

I work with successful entrepreneurs who seek insights and practical solutions to business or life challenges.

When you need to decide on a new hire, a new product or service, or how to scale your business, the intuitive edge provides an essential advantage beyond traditional business analysis.

Discover your next steps intrinsically aligned with your goals and highest path.

“Ronnie helped me work through a complex business decision I had been sitting on for weeks. She has a lot of modalities to try out and a great foundation of business consulting. Sometimes you can’t overthink your way to a clear solution and having someone like Ronnie who can help you tap further into your intuition can save a lot of time. I highly recommend her.” – Grace Broder, Mindset Coach

Work with Ronnie

Working with Ronnie will get you in touch with new possibilities and solutions you might not encounter through traditional business analysis.

Many entrepreneurs face similar issues when it comes to creating a thriving business. Often, having a sounding board can shift the energy and allow you to make better decisions in the moment and for your future.


  • Identify the right new hire who can do the job and fit within your company culture
  • Greater insight into your partners, subcontractors, employees, or clients to reduce conflict and stress
  • Brainstorm creative ideas for marketing, branding, or new offerings
  • Gain clarity on the best next steps to achieve your vision or goals

Personal Life

  • Eliminate roadblocks, frustration, self-sabotage, resistance, and limiting beliefs
  • Thrive through a period of transition
  • Reclaim your excitement, passion, and balance
  • Reach for new and exciting opportunities for your business and your life

Get practical, common-sense insights and advice to help you move forward, accomplish goals, and feel more fulfilled.

“I had been feeling stuck, not knowing which way to go with some of my projects and ideas. Ronnie not only transmitted messages that spirit had for me about the challenges and confusion I was having, but she also brainstormed & trouble-shooted with me, resulting in some kickass ideas for my coaching programs! Thank-you Ronnie!     – Marla Martenson, Life Coach

Meet Ronnie

Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Business Intuitive and successful entrepreneur for over 30 years. She’s also a Bestselling Author with six books and Host of the popular podcast Breathe Love & Magic.

Her clients come from around the world and love her direct and no-nonsense style, providing keen insights and practical, common-sense advice. She accesses her own inner wisdom and intuitive guidance to provide incredible clarity, helping clients achieve their goals and make important decisions.

Ronnie was a dating coach for 20 years, helping successful single women find lasting love. She also offers past life and Akashic Records readings, delving deeply into your soul’s history. She’s been a speaker and member of the National Speakers Association, has run hundreds of workshops and groups, and taught metaphysical and personal development courses at the community college level.

Her career began in advertising, then after receiving her MBA, she worked in brand marketing at General Foods (now Kraft Foods). Later, she worked as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for many top agencies with Fortune 500 clients. She’s written SEO content for websites, built successful traffic and raised web authority.

Today, Ronnie combines her exceptional marketing know-how with keen insights and intuitive skills to support entrepreneurial and career women who seek an intuitive edge.

Ronnie’s strong creative spark is expressed in painting, jewelry making, gardening, cooking fabulous meals, and spending as much time as possible at the beach whenever the weather is good.


Happy Clients

“Ronnie gave me clarity around a career path question. She provided insight on each option in a way that wasn’t “this one is good and this one is bad” but rather affirmed that if I went one direction, it was going to have this impact, and the other path may be an easier journey. So insightful.”       – Kim Stevens

“I initially wasn’t sure what to expect working with an intuitive on my business goals, but I found Ronnie to be very relatable and grounded. She created a setting that was comfortable to share my thoughts about the barriers holding me back. Her helpful insights about how to shift my focus built on the strategies that were already bringing me success. Now I feel less stressed and more positive and excited around growing my business.”       – Cara Brook, Professional Organizer and Podcast Host

“Ronnie helped me get clear and gave me direction about my income-generating ideas.  Confirming the success of one idea, in particular, was reassuring. She identified and got to the root of personal blocks and themes that have been getting in the way of moving forward and experiencing success.  She acknowledge my frustrations and offered concrete ideas on where to go from here. I appreciated her insights and intuitive guidance. Bring your questions–the more specific, the better!”       –  T. Diaz

“Ronnie helped me get clarity on what direction I want my business to go and more importantly gave ideas on how to get there. Now having a clear plan, I am confident that I will be able to attract the clients I want!”      – Beth of Beth Carter Enterprises