How To Use Crystals To Attract Love With 11 Gems For The Heart

Curious how to use crystals to attract love? You are not alone! Working with gemstones is hotter than ever and I’ll share the 11 crystals for the heart chakra to attract love.

List of Crystals to Attract Love

how to use crystalsFirst let’s start by going over a list of crystals that can be used to attract love. The first group of stones are for the heart and I’ll focus on the pink gems for this purpose. Next,  I’ll talk about a few others that amplify energy or serve to boost your love vibe.

There are also lots of green crystals for healing the heart, but that will be addressed in a different post.

This list of crystals is in alphabetical order to just to be organized. But, they aren’t in order of importance or which are best to use. I’ll go over how to use crystals later in this post.

1. Kunzite

This lovely pale pink gem can also have a lavender cast to it. The stone can be used to create a healing connection between your heart and mind with a focus on the emotions. Definitely a gem for attracting love, it has a higher, lighter vibration than many of the heart chakra crystals.

For some people who have built walls around your heart, Kunzite can assist in breaking them down the walls. Letting go of heart walls as protection gives you the ability to expand your heart and let it grow. That’s essential to find love! and release this hard line of protection that is likely no longer needed.

In addition, Kunzite will help you connect with the amazing abundance of divine love that exists in the Universe and activate your heart chakra. The gem quality color of Kunzite is magnificent and is considered a semi-precious stone.

This stone was first found in my home state of Connecticut in late 1800s by Frederick Kunz who named the stone after himself.

2. Morganite

Morganite is said to be a stone of divine love, promoting compassion for the wearer. This yummy, peachy-pink colored stone is also a high vibration, perfect for activating the heart chakra and cleansing as well.

If you want to feel more unconditional love from the Universe and for yourself, this stone is your best friend. Also great for attracting love and keeping it strong, this stone has become popular for engagement rings, instead of the traditional diamond.

Morganite is also a relatively new find in the world of gems, discovered in Madagascar in 1910 again by Fredrick Kunz who worked for Tiffany. The stone is a semi-precious gem, although it is related to Emerald family which is one of the top four precious gems in the world. (Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.) And it’s a bit pricey.

Thinking about how to use crystals to attract love, you’ll have plenty of other more affordable options.

3. Pink Tourmaline

how to use crystalsWishing you could improve your vision of yourself? Pink tourmaline is all about divine beauty, helping to build up your self-image. In addition, this gem has a sweet, protective aspect to balance emotional extremes.

Also known as Rubellite, the crystal opens the heart chakra and up levels your vibration, with an earthy note to it. Pink Tourmaline is another semi-precious stone. I purchased this Pink Tourmaline pendant to help me work on my heart and attract love years ago.

4. Rhodochrosite

how to use crystalsAnother great stone for attracting love into your life, Rhodochrosite works on the emotional level to assist in compassion and self-love. All love starts with self-love so this is a great place to begin!

This beautiful opaque stone in it’s rough state features wiggly lines of cream and shades of the true, pinkish-coral color that is stunning in it’s rare gem translucent form. This stone is known as having a powerful love attraction.


5. Rhodolite Garnet

While Garnets are most often a crystal for the root chakra, Rhodolite Garnet with its rich dark pink color offers the wearer a little inspiration and emotional healing. The stone brings about a steady self-love, kindness and encourages recognizing your true value and self-worth.

Rhodolite Garnet can also be used to advance your spiritual growth. Regarding how to use crystals, this gem is particularly helpful in recovering from past experiences that cause guilt or shame.

6. Rhodonite

The color of this crystal is what I would call a “dirty” pink since it’s a non-pure shade with touches of gray and many impurities. Another opaque stone, Rhodonite is denser than some of the other gems for the heart, and not the best for raising your vibration.

However this stone has other benefits like connecting with your destiny (which could be love!), bringing out your natural gifts and abilities, and promoting a generous spirit and altruistic attitude.

7. Rose Quartz

how to use crystalsSo gentle, Rose Quartz is a fabulous starter stone for bringing more love into your life. Usually somewhat transparent, this pale pink crystal looks great either in rough chunks or polished.

Like the other crystals in this post, this stone is for working with your heart chakra. Great for healing emotions from the heart, Rose Quartz also has a soothing presence and helps relieve stress. Plus, it may help with relaxation for sleep.

Let this gentle rock calm your emotions, help you let go of negative energy or thoughts and gain a sense of ease and peacefulness. It has a comforting ability to help you feel good about yourself and improve self-worth. That’s why Rose Quartz is ideal to work with before you even get into a relationship.

8. Ruby

Looking to amp up your passion and romance? You need Ruby! This gorgeous pinkish-red stone is all about love, passion, and romance. It’s also a symbol for wealth due to the price of a quality stone.

Today there are plenty of Rubies available in lower, more affordable grades that still have the same properties for when it comes to how to use crystals.

This is definitely a gem that nurtures your heart to attract love. Back when I was looking for love (and leaving no stone unturned – pun intended LOL!) I bought myself a Ruby ring. What a stunner!

Set in gold, this vintage-style ring caught my eye throughout the day whenever I wore it, reminding me to be loving in order to attract love.

Additional Crystals to Attract Love


9. Moonstone

Even though this is a milky white, translucent stone, it’s truly an ally for attracting love. Moonstone is known for enhancing intuition, finding inspiration and soothing a stressful state of mind. However, the stone can also stimulate and open the heart to receive new love.

Some say the stone promotes good fortune in love and business. With its mesmerizing glow and iridescent flashes of blue and lavender, Moonstone jewelry goes with everything and is there to assist when you need your intuition. I’ll tell you more about how to use crystals later in his post.

10. Quartz

Clear Quartz is really the crystal of all crystals as it can amplify the properties of any other stone, combining their strengths. A natural generator, Clear Quartz has a high frequency and brings clarity to your relationships, while it aids in open, honest communication.

When you wear a Clear Quartz, the stone helps to keep your energy clear, tune you in for any needed guidance or inspiration and intensifies your intentions.

Boost your energy and powers of attraction with this classic crystal that is readily available almost anywhere and doesn’t cost a mint.

11. Carnelian

Carnelian is an orange translucent stone that is actually for the second or sacral chakra which is the energy center for creativity and sexuality. For this reason, many  orange stones are recommended to enhance fertility and conception.

However, it also makes sense that this stone heightens passion and can strengthen your courage. If you feel timid about getting out there to meet new people, the rich warmth of Carnelian might be just the rock you need.

Two More Powerful Manifestors!

Okay, I know I should stop, but I LOVE crystals and just can’t help myself. These two are my current favorites! Read on to find out why…

12. Bumblebee Jasper

If you are looking to attract love, that can bring with it big changes in your life. Sometimes these are changes you make in order to find love. But also, once you find your dream guy, your life will change in so many wonderful ways.

So, whether you need to adopt more positive thoughts about men, dating, love or yourself, or you have to push yourself to become more social and mingle, Bumblebee Jasper will support you.

And, if you need to shift as you prepare for oncoming changes related to thinking like a couple versus a single gal, this crystal is on your side.

Here’s what I also totally ADORE about this stone – this cheerful orangy-yellow with gray and black markings is bold and bright! This coloring brings out your joyful nature and it’s been said that it can help you manifest what feels like the impossible “get”. So, if love has been illusive, get some Bumblebee Jasper in your life pronto!

13. Labradorite

Speaking of change, another great companion for creating needed shifts is Labradorite. Related to Moonstone, this darker version has a gray foundation bursting with iridescent patches of yellow-green and blue-green, and even some turquoise and purple.

OMG – this is one of my favorite stones ever and I’ve got several pieces! (My photo doesn’t do it justice.)

How to Choose Your Crystals

I often choose my stones by some kind of magnetic pull the crystal seems to have over me. I’m simply drawn in and must have a rock sometimes with no understanding of what it does. Then I’m amazed when I look up the stone’s properties.

You can simply look at it and know you want it if you plan to buy online. Or you can hold them in your hand to see which ones feel the best.

Inner Magic

Back to Labradorite, I recently discovered this intriguing stone helps release fears and insecurities. Plus, and this is really BIG, this is a stone that helps you trust your inner magic! Yes!

I am totally into the idea of living in a Magical Universe, filled with opportunities, possibilities and coincidences popping up all over the place. But, you have to be open to experience it. Count on Labradorite to spur on a sense of excitement and adventure – that’s part of the magic for sure.

How To Use Crystals To Attract Love

Now that you have an amazing collection of stones to choose from, you’re ready to discover how to use crystals to attract love. Great!

  1. Wear Them – Having your crystals close to you your body and within your energy field is one of the best ways to let them do their work on you.
  2. Carry Them – Don’t like too wear jewelry? No problem! Stick a stone in your pocket and hold onto to it every so often.
  3. Meditate with Them – Sit in a safe, comfortable spot where you can be undisturbed for 5-20 minutes and tune into your stone’s energy. Hold it in your hand and focus your attention on the stone and your breathing. 
  4. Ask for Healing – Once you get into a meditative state, you can ask the crystal for healing and to work on your energy field and body, or mindset.
  5. Ask for Guidance – Ask your crystal a question and you may tune in to get a helpful answer!
  6. Create an Altar – Stones are great to build energy for your altar which is nothing more than a visual and energetic focal point. This can be positioned close to spot where you meditate, set intentions for manifesting or seek peace and quiet.
  7. Feng Shui Love Corner – The Love Corner of your home is the far right corner from whatever door you walk into the home. This is the ideal place for your crystals to attract love and also for pairs of items that represent love. So, a pair of candles, an ornament with two love birds, or two figurines either human or animal that feel loving. Feng Shui rocks!
  8. Activate Them – After you get a new crystal, you want to clear it and then activate it with your intentions. Simply hold your cleared crystal and focus on your intention. Then imagine you are sending that intention and energy directly into the crystal. This will better assist the crystal in helping you make the shift you seek. And this is how to use crystals to attract love.

How to Clear Your Crystals

Last but not least, no article on crystals would be complete without telling you how to keep your crystals clear. Maybe every couple of months (or sooner if you like) put your crystals in a bowl or the sink with salt water and let them sit there for a few hours.

One word of caution – I put my polished crystal ball made of Selenite into the salt water and for some reason it took off all the shine. That’s the only stone I’ve ever seen this happen with. Don’t worry about your unpolished, rough cut Selenite – that will be fine.

Taking this cleanse a step further, place that bowl under the moonlight overnight for a magical twist.

Clear with a Smudge Stick

Another simply method to clear your crystals is to use a smudge stick. This is from the Native American tradition of cleansing the energy of yourself and your home, but works for your rocks too.

You can get a smudge stick made of sage and juniper or sweet grass on Amazon. If you have sensitive lungs or allergies, Palo Santo wood is another option with a milder fragrance and a lot less smoke.

Light the smudge stick and then blow out the flame so it smokes. Hold your crystals in the smoke to clear them. Be sure to open a window while you have the sage or wood lit so the energy that is cleansed has a place to go.

I always thought this was a bit of hooey, but one day the woman who cleaned my house decided to smudge the crystal I used all the time (I had left it on my couch.)

Next time I picked it up I was like, “Whoa! What a difference!” It was totally buzzing in my hand. I called and asked if she had done something to my stone and she admitted to smudging it.

Clearing your stones every so often keeps them vibrant and at their best to assist you. Don’t let them build up with negative energy or get overloaded.

Where To Buy Crystals

Now that you know all about how to use crystals to attract love, which stones will you buy and work with? One of my favorite places to get great stones is and that’s where I get crystals for my clients.

Have fun!

If you are ready to raise your love vibe, listen to my free audio program 8 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibe.

Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. She put her skills from personal development and her spiritual path to work, dating 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Discovering the keys to manifesting and midlife dating, she founded It’s Never Too Late to help smart, successful women find love or live an empowered and magical life. Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Certified Coach who has helped 1,000s of midlife women with her Love & Magical Life Coach services. She’s the host of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast and has been featured on NBC, ABC, & Fox News, NPR, BBC, eHarmony,, and Connecticut Magazine among others. Also, Ronnie is the author of 6 books which are available on Amazon.

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