Online Dating: How to Turnoff a Guy in 3 Easy Steps – Part 1

Online Dating Turnoffs


Important Online Dating Tips – So You Don’t Push Him Away by Mistake

One of my male dating coaching clients (yes I do coach men and learn so much from them that I share with YOU!) shared this story with me. He really made me think about the things women do without even realizing how it turns men off or pushes them away.

Now, I’m not saying some of these unpleasant actions are rendered by women alone – I know men do many of these things as well. The point here, is that if you recognize these behaviors in yourself, its time to wake up! If you want love, don’t act like this before you even meet the men you’ve connected with via online dating. You are simply shooting yourself in the foot if you do!

Turnoff #1

You are emailing with a guy and the subject of talking on the phone comes up. This is great because its the step before meeting this new guy right? Excited, you tell him call me tonight (or I’ll call you tonight if you get his number).  But you actually have a lot on your plate and on your mind. Your day is crazy and this spills into your evening. So when he calls you, you do any of the  following:

  • Screen his call and decide not to answer – you can’t do it right now!
  • Pick up the phone, but tell him how awful your day was
  • Talk to him briefly, but cut him off saying you will have to call him back another time

First impressions are huge and people are usually at their best in the beginning. So, if you did any of the above, his first impression of you is that you can’t handle life, or stress, or your job, or kids, or yourself for that matter. And if you don’t answer, then are you demonstrating that you are a person of your word? It becomes questionable.

Recommendation #1

What should you do instead? Hey, I understand having a bad day. And things to come up that need your full attention. So I have two recommendations:

1. Put on a smile and muddle through a 10 minute conversation. Make sure you let him know you are happy he called and open to meeting him so he won’t be turned off by a short call.

2. If you really can’t handle the call, then yes, do not answer. But, email with a short apology that something came up and tell him another time you will be available to talk.

Read about Turnoff #2 and the solution tomorrow.


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