How To Start Your Spiritual Journey To Awaken Your Life

Contemplating how to start your spiritual journey? It might seem dauting, but these simple suggestions will help you get on the path and feel more connected.

spiritual pathA spiritual journey is all about discovering who you really are. This includes:

  • Opening to a new level of awareness
  • Identifying and clarifying problems
  • Accessing spirit
  • Finding higher level, energetic and practical solutions
  • Enjoying more peace and happiness along the way

7 Signs You’re Already on a Spiritual Journey

These are just a few of the possible signs that something is up about your life and you are already on a spiritual journey. You feel:

  1. Lost and uncertain about where you are going in life
  2. Shaken up, like the rug got pulled out from beneath you
  3. A deep longing for something more
  4. A strong desire for a spiritual connection
  5. What used to work for you or make you happy no longer does
  6. Curious about synchronicities and signs that are coming to you
  7. There’s a bigger purpose you serve, even if you don’t know what that is

If any of these signs are showing up in your life now, you are being put on alert by your higher self. This is how to start your spiritual journey and it looks like it’s already begun for you.

Now is the time to wake up and be more conscious about how you choose to live your life. The decisions you make today greatly impact your future.

Step By Step on the Spiritual Path

step by step on a spiritual path1. Heighten Awareness

If you’re wondering how to start a spiritual journey, it usually begins with increasing your awareness. What are you noticing about life lately? Do things feel like they are changing rapidly? Are new opportunities popping up for you?

You can heighten your awareness by using several different methods. First, try being more mindful or present in your daily life. This means you are not oblivious to your surroundings or to what is happening around you.


Try counting your breaths. Inhale and then exhale – that is one breath. When you can count to 10, you will have increased your awareness and feel more present. This isn’t always easy because distractions will naturally appear to throw you off. Feel free to start by counting only five breaths and when you do that with ease, increase the number from there.


Imagine grounding the energy in your body by sending roots down from your tailbone deep, like a tree into the earth. Then allow the earth energy to come back up to clear your energy, nurture your body and fill out your aura.

Energy Field

Picture your aura in  your mind’s eye and find the outer most edges. Become aware of your energy field beyond your physical body. Notice how far it is spread out, then bring it in closer to your body.

If you are an empath, your energy field is often spread out too far, picking up emotions from everyone in the area which can be overwhelming. Bring your field in closer around your body for better boundaries and protection.

All three of these activities help on your spiritual journey to heighten your awareness and become more conscious of what is going on around you.

Solitude is another powerful way to connect with yourself on a spiritual journey.

2. Identify and Clarify Problems

Once your awareness has improved, it’s easier to identify what is bothering you and clarify your problems. The clearer you are about the issue you are dealing with, the easier it is to find possible solutions.

If you’re starting your spiritual journey, journaling about a concern can be incredibly helpful. The act of writing can allow you to tap into your subconscious mind which often reveals a deeper level of what is concerning you.

Once you feel clear about the situation, that will help you properly pose a question to find answers. Learning how to properly craft your questions, for journaling or asking spirit guides for help, is one of the most important skills to develop.

How you ask the question strongly impacts the quality of your answers.

3. Access Spirit

access inner wisdomNow for the fun part! To gain insights into whatever problem is on your mind, you can use any number of methods. This is how you build your intuition. I’ll share three simple ways below for you to practice.

Pick a Card – You can use any deck of oracle or tarot cards available. Simply ask your question about what is bothering you and pick a card! Then look up the card meaning in the book that goes with the deck. You might already do this.

If you still need more clarity, pick a second card. However, don’t keep picking cards until you get an answer you like. That interferes with spirit’s ability to guide you as your self-doubt gets in the way. Pick once, and if you feel you need additional clarity, choose one more card.

Open a Book – This is so simple and provides great answers. Begin by asking your question, then open the book to any page and read the first thing that jumps out at you. Surprisingly, there is often an interesting piece of information that will help with your situation or provide some insight.

Eyes of Fa – This is a super easy divination tool from West Africa. Toss a quarter four times, noting whether it lands as heads or tails when caught. Then look up the pattern here for a one word answer. One dot represents a toss landing on heads, and two dots is for tails. It’s very simple and amazingly accurate!

4. Tap Inner Guidance

tap your inner guidanceSometimes a simple answer just isn’t enough. The solution you seek might require deeper insights for your spiritual journey. In this case, the best thing to do is learn to meditate or visualize.

Put on some quiet meditative, yoga-type music, or drumming created for shaman journeys. Next, quiet your mind by grounding as mentioned above and taking slow, deep breaths. Then pose your question.

You might see symbols in your mind’s eye or a little movie-like scene, hear the guidance, or have a sense of knowing the answer.

The more often you practice connecting with spirit, the stronger your connection will become.

Learn about healing from within.

5. Enjoy More Peace and Happiness

inner peace and happinessThe best way to feel more peace and happiness, is to actually put the guidance you receive to work! Following through is essential when you are starting on your spiritual journey or any time along the path.

Going through this process step by step is how you can feel calmer and more supported. One big reason why this happens is because you are no longer scurrying around without focus trying to fix everything and put out all the fires.

Knowing that you have access to your own inner guidance or can connect with the spirit world for help, can be an amazing blessing on your spiritual path.

How to Start a Spiritual Journey

There you have it – how to start your spiritual journey in five easy steps. Enjoy the process and know this is how to find a more meaningful life and a deeper connection with your higher self and the divine.

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