How To Manifest Love And The Man of Your Dreams

Follow these 7 simple steps to find the man of your dreams.

If dating alone is not working for you, then it’s time to learn how to manifest love. Sometimes when you focus on meeting men and going on dates without setting up the energy, you can end up struggling. That’s no fun! Let’s talk about how to get the Universe on your side and take advantage of the cosmic energy of love.

how to manifest loveUnderstanding the Law of Attraction

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but just in case, it’s about how energy flows wherever your attention goes. In other words, what you think about most, is often what comes into your life.

This is a HUGE reason to be more conscious of your thoughts! If you are always thinking about how hard finding love is, that’s where your energy goes. Your subconscious mind is in charge of manifesting, so when it hears you talking about the struggle to find love, it thinks you enjoy that. Oh no!

That’s why you want to feel good and think positive thoughts. As you raise your vibration you become a match to what you desire. Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction shifts you to a higher frequency.

In addition, it’s been said that the Universe abhors a vacuum, meaning when you focus on what you want and it’s not there yet, the Universe is compelled to fulfill your desire. How great is that!

Manifest Love: 7 Simple Steps

1) Know What You Want

Here’s how to manifest love. First you need to know what you want. Make your list of the qualities that define your dream man. Then think about the qualities of the relationship. How are you together? Is it fun, easy and supportive?

Last but not least, think about how you’ll FEEL once you ear in a relationship with your dream man. Getting clear helps you to easily focus on what you want. You might not get everything on your list, but knowing how you want to feel is far more effective than thinking you’ll know it when you see it.

2) Create Affirmations

Next you want to write out affirmations that support you finding your dream man and living happily ever after. Proper affirmations are positive statements that you speak aloud or write out or both, that are in language that is present tense. It also helps to add feelings to the affirmation.

Here are two examples: My dream man is looking for me right now and ready to find me for lasting love and I am so excited about this! Or; My dream man and I are about to meet, we recognize each other immediately and enjoy lasting love that is beyond blissful.

3) Feel Your Affirmations

Turns out it’s not quite enough to just say your affirmations. When it comes to how to manifest love, you also need to FEEL THEM. Take the time to really imagine this coming true. What would it be like to be in the arms of y our dream man? That would be more than feeling good – it would be AMAZING! Get excited and feel the wonder of that in your body too.

4) Become Aware of Your Thoughts

how to manifest loveYou need to be more conscious of what you spend your time thinking.  No need to discuss whether or not dating is difficult. What matters is you don’t want to put your focus on that. Going there is natural, so expect you’ll think like that. But, when you notice you’re thinking dating is hard and feeling bummed, replace that with your affirmation.

The more time you spend thinking positive thoughts and feeling happy about your prospects, the more manifesting power you have. Thoughts and feelings are energy and all energy has a vibration. So, when you lift your vibration with happy thoughts, you are more magnetic to attract it!

Now you can better understand how to manifest love and why repeating your affirmations helps you do that. The more time you think about your dream man and your loving relationship, the happier you feel, the more attractive and magnetic you are!

5) How to Fight Fear & Doubt

It’s only natural that you won’t feel positive 100% of the time. Your brain has deep grooves from your old ways of thinking that dating is hard, you’ll never find the man and you’re tired of the struggle. So, doubt and fear will come up and does for everyone.

The best way to address that is to focus on your affirmations! Revisit Point #3. We already know that will make you happy.

In addition, do anything that makes you feel happy. That might be listening to music, taking a walk, enjoying a bubble bath,  watching a funny movie or chic flick., eating a piece of chocolate, calling a girlfriend etc. Take great care of yourself during this process to keep yourself elevated.

6) Live Your Best Life


Now that the energy of how to manifest love has been set in place as you say your affirmations and feel happy, its time to live your life. Know that you have put your order into the Universe as mentioned at the start of this article, the Universe dislikes a vacuum. So, it’s just a matter of time before your order is fulfilled!

In the meantime, enjoy your life and live it the best you can. Act as if you know how to manifest love and are really good at it.  Enjoy your favorite activities, get together with friends and meet lots of men. Laugh and feel good about yourself and your life.

7) Relax and Feel Grateful

This last step is the best one. RELAX about the process. When you know your dream man is your destiny because you’ve learned how to manifest love, everything can fall into place. Feeling grateful in advance is accepting the reality that love is YOURS.

Feeling relaxed, with an attitude of gratitude is the most attractive and magnetic way to move through your life. Nothing can make you more appealing to the kind of high-caliber man you want. This is the ideal way to separate yourself from most single women.

If you constantly fret about finding love and feel sure you’ll be alone the rest of your life, the energy of that belief system is a low vibration and unattractive? That’s still the Law of Attraction, but focusing on what you DON”T WANT. Manifesting works either. That’s why you want to be being highly conscious of your thoughts!

how to manifest loveHow to Manifest Love

So, there you have it! Seven simple steps on how to manifest love and the man you dream of. He’s out there. Why not spend time imagining that he’s on sabbatical somewhere but by the time he returns he’ll be ready to meet you. Now all you have to do is get ready and enjoy your life until he shows up!

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