How To Flirt Without Being Weird Or Awkward To Capture His Attention

Want to know how to flirt without being weird? Read on for simple tips anyone can use successfully to connect with men.

how to flirt without being weirdLearn How To Flirt

Worried about how to flirt without being weird? Flirting is really one of the simplest joys on the face of the planet. It can be pure fun when done well. According to Mama Gena, flirting is a fun, creative, spontaneous and playful way to interact with people and I agree with this definition.

The point of flirting is to interact with men more easily in a light-hearted, positive way to make it easy and interesting for men to respond to you. Think of flirting like a fun icebreaker that gets people talking.

Flirting Is NOT…

Flirting has no agenda or promise. So don’t think that you’ll get that cute guy to ask you out just because you flirt with him. You might capture his attention and then he could decide to ask you out. But he might not.  More on this in a minute.

Flirting makes no promises. Just because you flirt with a man, doesn’t mean you owe him anything. Not conversation, not a dance, not your phone number and not a date. Nope there are no promises for either of you so remember that when a man flirts with you too.

Flirting is not manipulative.  You’re just engaging in a playful way, but you can’t make a man do anything he doesn’t want to do. As mentioned above, there is no agenda beyond the flirting itself.

Flirting is not sexual, cheap or sleazy. The kind of flirting I recommend is not sexual in any way. You might smile, lightly touch or verbally tease, but nothing off color. That kind of flirting is more about seduction. A woman who knows how to flirt can do it in nearly any situation with grace and complete propriety.

4 Simple Flirting Tips

It’s so easy to learn how to flirt without being weird. This is one of the most natural things a woman can do and it’s actually coded into your DNA because it ensures survival of the species. That’s right, that’s why any woman can learn how to flirt.

These simple tips are so easy to use, you can have results the FIRST TIME you use them. Many of my clients contact me soon after trying them and express how well even their most timid attempts helped them better interact with men.

1. Smile Briefly

When you notice a man is looking at you, smile briefly before turning your head away. This is nothing more than simply acknowledging that you see the man looking at and admiring you. It’s actually courteous.

You may not like the guy or he might seem inappropriate based on your requirements for the right man, but that’s OK.  You’re just flirting and there is no promise. The good part though is you can make a man’s day which will make you feel good too.

2. Eye Contact

Since you’re smiling, you might as well have a little eye contact as well. Again, this is for acknowledgement and to create a possible connection. Don’t overdo this which sends a more seductive message.  Just a couple of seconds is perfect.

3. Be Friendly

Much of flirting is about your body language and eye contact is an ancient sign of friendliness vs. confrontation. During primitive times, the biggest concern was safety, so if you were willing to have eye contact, you appeared less threatening and suspicious.

If you’re concerned about how to flirt without being weird, friendly is the way to go. There’s nothing strange or awkward about being friendly. It’s really quite civilized. And friendly people seem to meet a lot more people including men!

4. Have Fun

Okay, now that you’re smiling, having a bit of eye contact, and acting friendly, surely you must be having a good time! When you appear to be enjoying yourself, even if you are exaggerating a little, other people get curious. They want to know what’s so much fun and why you are enjoying yourself.

Women having fun are automatically far more MAGNETIC! So when you go out to meet new people, do your best to look like you are having a great time. People are naturally drawn to others having fun.

Flirty Body Language Tips

Now that you’ve got flirting basics down, here are a few other super easy body language tips that work like a CHARM. You can’t go wrong – these tips work even if you do feel weird or strange.

The reason why is because as I mentioned earlier, understanding body language is an ancient skill coded in our DNA and everyone can do this, even if you don’t realize you can.

My clients have tried these tricks on the first time out at a bar and couldn’t believe the results they got. They didn’t believe, but once they used them, they were BELIEVERS and felt like pros. They never avoided flirting again since it was such a surefire trick to get male attention.

  • Play With Your Hair. Twirl it, flip it, make a bun and drop it, etc. this is a big signal that you’re flirting and open to male attention.
  • Play With Your Jewelry. Move your pendant back and forth on it’s chain. Fiddle with your earrings. Smooth your bracelets. Check on your ankle bracelet. That’s how you can catch a man’s eye.
  • Drink With A Straw. Yes, drawing attention to your lips is a flirting thing to do!
  • Cross Your Legs. And then uncross them and then cross them again. It’s a signal that social research has found to entice a man to approach you.
  • Smooth Your Clothes. Run your palm over your sleeve down your arm or from your waist over your hip. Act like you are fixing your clothing.
  • Dangle Your Shoe. If your legs are crossed, dangle one shoe from the foot on the leg on top. Then pop it back on your foot and repeat. Very flirty!
  • Touch Your Neck. Gracefully place your palm on your neck and then draw it forward before letting it fall by your side or to the counter. Your neck is one of the erogenous zones making this move uber flirty.
  • Tuck Chin And Look Up Through Lashes. Princess Diana was famous for this flirty move. The press often caught her with her chin tucked down, looking up through her lovely long lashes. This is considered to be coy, demur and highly appealing.

How To Flirt Without Being Weird

The real key to flirting is to keep it light, remember there is no agenda and don’t let it go on too long. Give him a chance to wonder where you went. If you’re at a bar or event, walk around for a while alone and then circle back to your friends.

This alone time creates an air of mystery, (Hey, where did she go?) and a little challenge. (He might go look for you or wonder if you’ll be back.) Go to the ladies room alone as well, so the men who have been watching you, have a chance to approach and talk to you.

Before I met my husband, I met a man who was so wrong for me, but terribly romantic and fun. We only dated two months because I promised myself the first sign of trouble, I’d kick him to the curb, which I did.

I met him at a singles dance when he stopped me as I left the ladies’ room. Chatting for a while, he asked me out, which is how I caught on to the power of this flirting technique. Create mystery!

Now you know some of the most powerful flirting tips ever. Simple yes, but they work like magic! Stop wondering how to flirt without being weird and put a few of these suggestions to work tonight.

You may not meet the man of your dreams immediately, but you’ll get some practice in and have fun doing it.

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