How To Be Feminine To Capture The Heart Of A Masculine Man

Wondering how to be feminine? Discover seven ways to capture the attention and heart of a masculine, successful man with your feminine charm.

Why Is Femininity So Vital?

how to be feminine When it comes to a man with a strong masculine vibe, he’s likely to be successful, decisive and a leader. This kind of man is very attractive for so many women. And, he’s the type who is naturally attracted to a feminine woman.

What Is Feminine Charm?

A woman with feminine charm is comfortable in her own skin and confident. She knows how to access her softer side and leverage her allure. Her Inner Goddess is not slumbering. She is deeply connected to her “queen” energy and relies on femininity to get noticed by high caliber men.

Where Does Femininity Come From?

Some women come by their feminine skills naturally. They learned from mothers, sisters or girlfriends or the skill is innate. Other women, especially those with extensive business success can tend to struggle. The reason? Because they are more comfortable using their masculine energy like at work.

Harnessing masculine energy gets stuff done! This is the same as being a chick in charge. Yet, that’s how you know you’re not using your femininity which is more intuitive, creative and collaborative.

Many women don’t see the point of being more feminine and even feel its demeaning. If you want a masculine man, it’s time to rethink that way of looking at femininity. As a woman, your feminine nature allows you to relate and interact more easily with quality guys.

Denying Your Feminine Nature

On the other hand, denying your feminine nature makes you miss out on one of the greatest assets a woman has. You may feel more comfortable and confident with your masculine business skills. However, that causes men to see you as a competitor rather than someone to date.

You will not capture a man’s romantic interest or spark any chemistry if you ignore your feminine side. As a result, many women end up in the “friend zone.”

Chemistry and Femininity Are Linked

how to be more feminine Sexual tension stems from the differences between feminine and masculine energy. The magnetic pull between opposites creates attraction.

So, when you take charge of “courtship,” by asking him out or asking to see him again at the end of a date, these actions dissolve all the tension! Bummer!

Your actions to get the ball rolling with a man can be a major turnoff to a masculine leader who often takes charge.

Stop thinking men are shy! If a man wants to date you, he will ask you. Don’t do his job for him. Be willing to walk away if he doesn’t initiate because now you know he’s not that into you.

How to Be Feminine – 7 Simple Ways

Ready to amp up your femininity? It’s surprisingly easy!

1) Nurture Inner Beauty

So much of your beauty is based on how you feel about yourself. This is an inside job! Take time for yourself if you want to amp up your feminine energy. A woman who pampers herself is a woman who feels good about herself.

I’m not talking about plastic surgery or even fillers. Not at all! For instance, you might get more sleep, take time for self-reflection writing in a journal or meditate. Maybe you prefer to workout, do yoga, or start a creative project.

Think about what nurtures your soul and alleviates stress and you’ll be on your way to greater inner beauty.

2) Tend to Outer Beauty

Every woman has her own sense of beauty. Yet, that can always be enhanced! Get a hair cut that makes you feel fabulous. Wear at least some basic makeup like mascara, blush and lip gloss.

Choose clothing colors and styles that make the most of your assets. When you take time to work on your outer beauty, your confidence builds. And that’s how to be feminine and what makes you more attractive to a masculine guy.

3) Live with Beauty

You deserve to live in a beautiful place. If you’re wondering how to be feminine, one solution is to clean your home and clear your clutter. Then you’ll be free to enjoy your decor and the lovely space you’ve created. Buy yourself some flowers and decorate with houseplants. Turn your abode into your own personal spa.

Your home is a reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself. When you surround yourself with beauty, you are naturally more connected to your feminine energy.

4) Enrich Your Life

When you are passionate about something, you become a more interesting woman. Learn a new language, how to salsa dance or grow an indoor garden. Cook unique food from exotic places, develop your intuition or get into photography.

Enriching your life helps you build confidence and feel good about yourself. Plus, it gives you more to talk about when you meet men. Like you, a quality man appreciates a woman with interests, passion and her own full life.

5) Become Hospitable

how to be feminineHospitality is the art of making others feel comfortable. In the past, this was an expected area for women to excel.

How does this apply to being feminine today? Think about how you can help a man feel more comfortable around you. When you are gracious, fun, light-hearted and easy to please, you are easy to be with.

As a result, a man feels good around you and this is how he chooses who he wants to spend time with! Allow your feminine charm to flourish and be the kind of woman who is a remarkable date. This is how to be feminine.

6) Sharpen Conversation Skills

The biggest piece of good conversation skills is learning to really listen. Don’t worry so much about what you are going to say. Instead, pay attention to the man you are with and what he has to say. Ask him questions to clarify or learn more about what he’s saying.

Then if you have something to add from your life on this topic, go right ahead. This is how you build a strong connection. If you practice your listening skills, rather than gushing about your life, you will get to know men better and give them a chance to shine.

7) Leave Some Mystery

You may pride yourself on being authentic and that certainly has it’s benefits. However, the old adage “less is more” is equally true. There’s no need to spill your guts on a first date or the call or messaging before you meet. You want him to wonder a little about you.

This is especially true about your current dating experience or past lovers. Leave out details and change the subject even if your date asks.

Some things should be on a “need to know basis.” Wait a while to see if he’s worthy of knowing your private stories. You’ll get to sharing about past loves and what went wrong soon enough. But up front, let a man see your best parts.

You can’t know ahead of time what might turn a man off about you, so be smart and keep your intimate details private for a while. A little restraint allows a man to become curious. Being mysterious is so magnetic!

Attract a Masculine Man

There you have it – how to be feminine and seven ways to capture the heart of a masculine man. These suggestions are fairly simple and easy to do. And you’ll enjoy doing them all as well.

What’s good for improving your life and confidence will also make you practically irresistible! Imagine that – you can be an irresistible woman. Go for it and let me know how it works in the comment section below.


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  1. I am a man and I agree w/you. Let’s say I am at an outdoor concert at city hall plaza or the Boston Harbor Hotel and I see two women. One is wearing a dress with a white background and has a flowery design. The other one is wearing good looking jeans and a blouse. I will opt for the lady in the dress. That tells me she is feminine. This covid-19 and staying home has put a damper on meeting women this summer.

    • I know Ronald – the pandemic is making it hard to meet people. But I KNOW people are still meeting and dating. If you’re not online, please give it a shot. It’s the perfect solution for this time so you can safely meet and then decide if you want to meet in person.

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