Dating Over 40: How the Other Half Thinks with Jeff Mac

Jeff Mac, stand up comic and dating expert writes a great Q and A blog where he focuses on Manslations – translating what men say, think and do for curious or perplexed women folk.   Last week I interviewed him for my Decoding Dating Interview Series – the December installment.  

We had a blast discussing things like:
1) Why men take your number but don’t call?
2) When it’s OK to fool around from a guy’s perspective?
3) What you can do about a man who cheats?

A  Few New Tricks
Even though I’ve been coaching for six years on a variety of dating topics and consider myself to be well-versed, Jeff opened my eyes to a few new tricks. Getting the inside scoop on a man’s perspective is so incredibly helpful when you are on the singles’ scene.  I can’ t wait to publish the audio program, making it available to you in the beginning of December.

Look Through a Man’s Eyes
For example, why does a man prefer to pick you up for a date and go in one car? So he can be in charge? Maybe.
So he can show his chivalrous nature? Possibly.  Because it’s the surest way to go home with you? Ding Ding Ding Ding – that’s the correct answer.  While this seems totally obvious to me now, I never thought about it from this angle before.  Thanks Jeff for "manslating" and allowing me to peak through a man’s eyes at the dating world. 

What Men Want
The last time I had this kind of insight was years ago when I read – What Men Want.: Three Professional Single Men Reveal What It Takes to Make a Man Yours. This book, published in 1998, was a first for me because it was written by three single guys in their 30’s who revealed what men want and more importantly – HOW THEY THINK. It was actually more insightful then the now famous He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Berhandt

Chatting You Up
In this book, I learned one of the scams a player uses. This method, called "Chatting You Up" made so much sense and explained what this one particular guy I was dating was doing. John would call me up on a Saturday afternoon to chat.  Was it entertaining? Well sure.  But I couldn’t understand why he’d call to talk and not ask me out. 

Too Many Johns
The book explained that John had many women going at one time. (That’s OK, I was dating three guys named John simultaneously. Good news was I never called any of the guys by the wrong name!) He called to keep me in the loop or interested, but didn’t ask me out till the following week, probably because he was busy with others.

This situation hit me like a ton of bricks – once I understood what he was doing, I cut things short with John (hey he was only 5’2"anyway) "Manslations" like these permit a woman to be a far more savvy dater and to make more educated decisions. Jeff divulges the man’s point of view on things like why a man seems interested, but does nothing to further things and why men so frequently say one thing, yet do another. (That’s a true mystery of the Universe!)

Thanks again Jeff for filling me in and "decoding" how a man’s mind works. Unknown territory that women need to know about.   The whole interview will be available in early December so stay tuned!

PS – One Really Weird Thing
While learning a bit more about each other, Jeff and I discovered that we not only grew up in the same little suburb, (what are the chances of that?) but we lived just one street apart! Does that count as six degrees of separation?


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