Hippies for McCain?

I know this has nothing to do with dating but I just wanted to ask if any of you can explain this to me.

Today I was driving on I95 from New Haven County to Fairfield County and saw a blue mini-cooper being driven by a man at least late 50’s or older with his long, white hair in a ponytail. He had ttwo stickers on the back of his car. One was a classic Grateful Dead sticker with the skull and lightening bolt in red, blue and silver. The other was a McCain sticker.

Hello? This does not compute!

Here’s how I see this equation:

Man with long hair in pony tail = hippie
Grateful Dead bumper sticker = hippie
Age of man – 50’s/60’s boomer = possible ex-hippie

McCain sticker = definitely not a hippie

Remember the 70’s? Question authority. Anti-government. Anti-war. Women’s Lib. Make Love not War (OK, maybe that was the 60’s)

I am so curious about this – I wish I could have called him on his cell and asked him to explain himself.

Is it just me?


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2 thoughts on “Hippies for McCain?”

  1. If you support any U.S. politician in any way shape or form, you are definitely not a hippie.

    Maybe Ron Paul can be an exception.. just maybe

  2. I’m from that generation and very conservative. I know many men with the long hair in a pony tail or braid, loves the Grateful Dead and are just as conservative as I am. “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”.

    The conservative people DO question authority, believe in smaller government, are NOT war mongers and believe in women’s equality.


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