The High Value Woman: 17 Irresistible Traits That Attract High Quality Men

Are you a high value woman? Discover the traits to cultivate and why these characteristics are so attractive to the high quality man you desire.

What Defines Desirable Women?

high value womanA lot of the women I work with tell me they want to marry a high quality man. They know exactly the kind of guy this is and can describe at length the important traits he possesses.

Clarity is wonderful and makes finding love easier for sure. Knowing what you want helps you weed out the wrong guys quickly and makes it more obvious when you find a man with real potential.

However,  you have to ask yourself this question – am I a good match for the man I want? Do I have the qualities he’s seeking in a high value woman?

I’m sure you are a great catch and have so much to offer. Yet, isn’t it worth taking an objective look at yourself to be sure you are at your best for attracting the amazing man you want?

Traits of a High Value Woman

Granted, the list of traits to follow is long. That doesn’t mean you need every one of the qualities to land a high end guy. Some personality characteristics are more foundational than others.

Think of this as a peak under the tent of what a quality man is looking for in a woman like you. Right now you probably embody several of these traits. And maybe there are a few more worth cultivating.

high value woman1. Exude Confidence

When you ask either gender what they want most in a partner, almost everyone says “confidence”. A woman who knows her self-worth and values herself is very appealing to quality man.

Men know you are the kind of woman who won’t put up with any nonsense and as a result, a good man will strive to be even better. He appreciates the challenge of winning you over as a high value woman.

2. Have High Standards

Since you know your value as a potential partner you have standards for the men you date. Not some ridiculous high bar no man can jump that effectively keeps you single. It’s about qualities, attitudes and a demeanor that is acceptable to you.

These are your “Must Have” qualities and if a man doesn’t show these basic traits, you will not take him seriously or consider dating him.

3. Make Self-Care a Priority

More evidence of your strong self-worth is how you care for yourself. Everyday, you take time out for you. Whether you meditate, journal, get a massage or mani-pedi, each day includes some sort of self-care.

Being this fabulous takes a little bit of effort, but as a high value woman you are so worth it!

4. Live a Balanced, Full Life

You enjoy your life regardless of whether or not there’s a man around. You don’t need a man to try new things,  be involved in your favorite hobbies or participate in activities that make you happy.

Adding a relationship will enrich what is already a fun and balanced life. You’re not the type that works constantly and wishes a man would come and save you and create some fun.

5. Feel Happy and Optimistic

Overall, happy people are more appealing. People are attracted to your optimism and positive outlook on life. You are fun to be around and easy to please. Who wouldn’t want that in a partner?

On the flip side. when a woman expects a man to fulfill all her needs and make her happy, a good man feels like that’s a lot of pressure.

A high value woman knows it’s her job to make herself happy and relying on anyone else for that is a recipe for always feeling let down.

6. Rely on Your Feminine Charm

Having achieved a degree of success at work, you are a master of your own masculine energy.  Yet, when it comes to your love life, you easily rely on your feminine charm.

You are totally aware of how your femininity sparks his masculine nature and how good that feels to a quality man. A high value woman who uses her feminine charm allows a new man to lead and take charge, so she never emasculates anyone. (Even though you certainly could.)

You enjoy being a woman and having your way with men as they can’t help but want to please you. And any man who doesn’t, gets quickly kicked to the curb.

7. Never Chase Men

Again, related to your self-worth, you know you are a great catch, so you NEVER chase men. You know there’s absolutely no need.

When you simply allow a man to take the lead and realize that if he doesn’t call , follow up or ask you out, he’s just not interested enough. Not for a classy, high value woman like you.

8. Establish Firm Boundaries

Boundaries have to do with how you want and expect to be treated. When someone steps over the line, you let that person know. Having clear boundaries means people always know where they stand with you.

With firm boundaries, if a man cancels last minute more than once, or doesn’t keep his word about something, you let him know that doesn’t work for you.

How you communicate this doesn’t mean you are sharp or nasty – just that something gets said clearly. As a high value woman, there is no doubt how you want to be treated and what you will not put up with.

He can decide to play by your rules if he wants to be in your life or not…

9. Know When to Walk Away

Along with establishing boundaries comes a brave knowing of when to walk away. If someone isn’t going to treat you right, then you leave the situation.

That’s because when you value yourself, you will not accept poor treatment for any reason. You can’t mess with a high value woman – case closed.

10. Minimize Drama


The good news is you don’t put up with drama and you don’t create any either. You prefer a drama-free life. So, if he has a crazy ex that makes him miserable and you’ve only had a few dates, you walk away. Or if you are mad about something you don’t take it out on your man – you handle it directly.

A high value woman minimizes drama so you live a more emotionally balanced life. Quality men do not like drama – so this is a good thing!

11. Make Smart Choices

As a high value woman, you know how to make smart choices. You have the emotional IQ to see your way through just about any situation. Or if you aren’t sure, you ask and get help to handle what comes your way.

That’s why you make choices that tend to serve your highest good, rather than from an irrationally emotional place that leaves you filled with regrets.

12. Dress With Care

This is not specifically about style, although a bit of style is certainly appealing. I’m talking about dressing to reflect your sense of self-worth.

Whether you prefer a plain and casual look vs. something striking and fashionable, you put yourself together in a way that communicates your confidence. Your outfits tastefully make the most of your physical assets, without being over the top.

13. Avoid Jumping Into Bed

high value woman When you’re a high value woman, you don’t feel the need to jump into bed. You can wait a while to learn more about the men you date. Mostly you want to know the man you share your affection with is worth it.

The men who date you will have to wait until you feel good and ready and his teasing and pushing have no impact on you. You know who you are and what works for you. A quality guy will wait for sure.


14. Maintain Some Mystery

Some women meet a new man and simply gush all about themselves on the first night. Within an hour the guy knows about all your relationships as you reveal your dirty laundry. This is not appealing to the high quality man.

But a high value woman keeps a bit of mystery about her. She doesn’t reveal too much all at once and is savvy about leaving some things to a man’s imagination.

When he isn’t sure what you’ll do or say next, you keep him a tiny bit off balance which makes him super curious about what might happen next. That’s extremely mesmerizing girlfriend. Mystery is your friend.

15. Have Good Energy

Your energy is vibrant and you have an aliveness to you that is magnetic. A quality guy can’t help but want to see more of you as he is taken in by your good energy.

You are up for going for a walk, playing tennis, kayaking, meeting his friends or bourbon tasting. Nothing like a good vibe to capture a man’s attention.

16. Easy To Be With

More than anything, a woman who is easy to be with can be a great catch. A high value woman is good at conversation and comfortable in quiet moments too.

Regardless of what you are doing, he doesn’t need to worry about you since your air of ease allows him to relax and be himself. That’s such a turn on.

17. Never Drink Too Much

As a high value woman, you never over-indulge. You are in control of yourself and always keep your wits about you. This way, you avoid situations that compromise your self-worth or behaving in a way that turns a quality man off.

Are You a High Value Woman?

So what do you think? Do these 17 characteristics sound like you? I sure hope so! As a high value woman you have so much to offer and you don’t get your panties in a bunch when some guy stops calling, texting or making time to see you.

Nope, you walk away with your dignity and your head held high because you know there’s a better man out there for you. Love IS your destiny.

Feeling certain that the right man is out there for you and love is your destiny keeps you active on the journey to find love. Once again, that makes you stand out from so many other insecure women who don’t believe and turn themselves into pretzels hoping to hang on to some guy just so they aren’t alone.

You’re smarter than that girlfriend. Good for you!

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Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. She put her skills from personal development and her spiritual path to work, dating 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Discovering the keys to manifesting and midlife dating, she founded It’s Never Too Late to help smart, successful women find love or live an empowered and magical life. Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Certified Coach who has helped 1,000s of midlife women with her Love & Magical Life Coach services. She’s the host of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast and has been featured on NBC, ABC, & Fox News, NPR, BBC, eHarmony,, and Connecticut Magazine among others. Also, Ronnie is the author of 6 books which are available on Amazon.

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