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How to Get Back Together with Him

Get Back Together with Your Ex

As a dating coach for women, I have heard countless clients talk about getting back with their ex. It doesn’t matter if they were married, living together or dating. Sometimes a woman just wants her man back. But how can she get him back?

There is so much written on this topic it truly amazes me. “Experts” talk about winning him back through saying certain things, making him jealous with another man, or ways to verbally make your case for his return. They talk about wearing the right outfit, a special perfume or scent, or seducing him with aphrodisiacs.

Most of this is complete nonsense. Why? Because you cannot really make anyone do anything unless you are blackmailing them or have a gun. Neither one of those is advisable since both are illegal. So, now what?

The best way to get your man back is to leave him alone
and focus on yourself.

What? How can that be? Let me explain.

You don’t want a man to return to you through manipulation because whatever you have to do to get him is most likely not sustainable. How long can you keep up an act to make him stick around? You don’t want that any way. The only way you want your man to come back is because he really wants you. You want him to come back on his own.

That’s why the smartest thing you can do is focus on yourself. Spend some time and money on self care. This is a way to honor yourself and build your self-esteem. Confidence is sexy to both genders.

You can pamper yourself with massages, new hair and makeup, facials, and the like. Another avenue is to hire a personal trainer and/or nutritionist to get your body in shape. You might work with a therapist to move through emotional issues and get clear on what works for you. Try meditation to improve your emotional balance and reduce stress. Start positive self-talk to build your confidence. Lots of options and ways to improve your situation.

Tips to Get Back Together with Your Man

Do not call him under any circumstances. Leave him be. But, if you have mutual friends who know you are taking care of yourself and building confidence, he’ll hear about it. Believe me, friends will let him know how good you are doing. And, if that matters to him, he might be intrigued enough to contact you.

The one who receives the call is the one with the power. That’s why you do not want to call him first. Oh no! However, if he calls you, now you have something to work with. If your normal way is to gush all over him, act eternally grateful that he called, you will not maintain your power position.

Instead, be happy, but do your best to keep your enthusiasm in check. Don’t scare him away just as he’s starting to come back. Seem happy, but in balance versus desperate. In other words, play it cool. See what he says. See what he has to offer or if he wants to see you again.  

As a dating coach for women dating over 40 or dating after divorce, one thing I know for sure. If you want to get back together with your man, don’t chase him. Leave him alone and take care of yourself. Get ready to meet a new man. Should your ex miss you and want you back enough, he’ll find you.

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