Flirting Tips: It’s So Easy to Strike up a Flirty Conversation

Flirting Tips to Appeal to His Masculine Ego

The Best Verbal Flirting Tips

Today, I’ll reveal my secrets for flirty conversation. This is so simple any woman can pull it off with success the first time you try it. Yesterday I shared my body language flirting tips and you can read that here if you like.

Verbal Flirting Is Not Rocket Science

Just be brave enough to ask him a question or give him a compliment. Most men are totally grateful you broke the ice. Don’t know what to ask or say? Try anything from this list:

  • What a beautiful day don’t you think?
  • Isn’t this a great song? (at a bar or party)
  • How do you know the hostess? (party)
  • I never tried that beer – is it good? (at a bar, networking or party)
  • Your dog is so adorable. What its name? (park)
  • What are you getting? I’m having trouble deciding today (Starbucks)
  • That tie (or shirt) brings out the color of your eyes
  • Can you help me reach this? (grocery store or Home Depot – I’m short!)
  • Can you tell me which one I should buy? (this works great at Home Depot)

These flirting tips are so easy you could start right now. See, no advanced degree required. Flirty conversation is so easy to get started. Most men will be very receptive and so what about the few who aren’t – that is their loss!

Flirting Challenge

I had a dating coaching client who gave herself this exciting challenge to build confidence about her flirting skills. She dressed up in a feminine way that made her feel very attractive. Don’t go overboard now but give yourself permission to look fabulous. Then she’d be off to Home Depot or any hardware or home improvement type of store. Peggy would walk around different departments asking for advice and flirting with men who were shopping or those who worked there.

What Did Peggy Learn about Flirting?

Peggy happily discovered how easy it was to flirt with these men. They wanted to help her. She quickly learned the damsel in distress routine still has power and great appeal to the masculine ego.

The Reason These Flirting Tips Work

When you flirt with men, and especially when you ask for their help, you bring out the masculine energy in a man. Today, most women approach men with their own masculine energy. So when they encounter a woman who hasn’t gone all wildly independent and is still willing to defer to a man’s knowledge and strength, bingo! You just hit a hot spot for men today in a good way. Because so few women will validate his masculine ego.

Remember, flirting is just the next step after being friendly and uses your feminine charm. No risk, no promise, just great fun and prospecting! Start flirting right now and see how your love life turns around.


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  1. I mentioned giving mildly flirty responses when texting…got attacked by one of my FB Rules group members! Rules Girls don’t flirt! Says who? Total misinterpretation of the Rules. Many groups don’t emphasize warm, friendly, flirty, yet brief and mysterious responses. Just…Hi or Hello or Yes or No. Really? Not even a Hey There, wink?


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