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Are You Tired of Being Single and
Ready to Change That?

So, you want to find love? You’ve been single too long and you are REALLY tired of being alone. Tired of celebrating the holidays single. Tired of lonely or dull weekends. Tired of hanging out with the girls. Tired of not having a partner to share your life with. Tired of living without passion in the bedroom and long, sweet kisses. Tired of not having anyone to snuggle with?

You think about love and dating more than you do anything about it. Or you’ve been hiding out after a bad breakup oar disappointment. Maybe you finalized your divorce or finally feel ready to venture into dating.

Have You Been Stuck in a Dating Rut?

You’ve tried different ways to meet men and nothing delivered the goods:

  • The wrong men approach you and the men you are attracted aren’t interested
  • You tried online dating
  • You’ve been to singles events and dances
  • You’re sick of the single scene
  • You let your friends fix you up and have been on blind dates
  • Or, you’ve been afraid to jump in and risk being hurt again

Have You Run Out of Steam?

If you’ve been looking for love for a while, you may have simply run out of steam and ideas, so you:

  • Don’t have the energy to date or hunt for desirable men
  • Aren’t sure how to meet men
  • Don’t have time to date
  • Aren’t sure your efforts will be worthwhile
  • Worry there are no good men
  • Just can’t seem to get started

What Are You Supposed to Do?

I understand all of these reason, but I also know deep down, you really want to find love. If you spend any time thinking about how much fun a new romance could be, you’d feel motivated to try something new.

If you’ve been thinking “Enough is enough!” then you are in the right place.  A New Year approaches and it’s time to shake things up! When you learn the strategies that work best for women over 40, dating can be less frustrating and confusing. In fact, what if dating could be simplified? What if you could have…fun?

What if You Could Learn Surefire Secrets
to Attract the Love You Dream of?

What if you could learn how to meet men easily? Attract better quality men? Get them to notice you? Get them to ask you out and pursue you? Wouldn’t that be dramatically different from your love life right now? These secrets sure would help you find the right man for you.

Make a Commitment to Yourself:

2016 is the Year You Find Love Again!

You want a committed, loving relationship? Then it’s time to make a commitment to yourself. That’s right.  Committed love starts with following your desire to find it. Are you ready to follow your heart’s desire to find love now? Do you know the steps to take, the best mindset to hold, the right places to go, the tricks that make online dating more productive? That’s what you are about to discover…

Announcing the
Find Love Now! – 90 Day Jump Start

find love

In this empowering and fun program, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to know to find love now. I’m going to share all my secrets and proven strategies so you are assured of knowing how to:

  • Find more men easily
  • Strike up a conversation
  • Flirt without having men think you’re a floozy
  • Feel more comfortable in social and single situations
  • Enjoy interacting with men
  • Build confidence
  • Develop or sharpen your feminine charm
  • Get men curious to know more about you

Now is the time to boost your Dating IQ, sharpen your dating skills, open your heart and mind to men and learn to  rely on your feminine charm – the natural man magnet!

“When I started working with Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things
all wrong! Once I put her methods and advice to work, the difference
was amazing. What I learned was invaluable. Her insight, especially
around femininity and letting the guy lead are profound. It’s also
really fun. I met the most wonderful man and we got engaged!
He is wildly in love with me! Thank you, thank you.”
–Patti, Vermont


What’s Included in the Program?

  • 6 one-hour programs with time for questions – $597 value
  • Recordings of these programs – $197
  • 21 Inspiring Emails to kick start your first 21 days – $47 value
  • The Activity Plan Template and Tracking Sheet – $47
  • The Audio – The Secret to Attracting Quality Men – $20 value
  • The Audio – I Believe: Affirmations to attract love now – $20 value
  • The Audio – I’m So Alluring: Visualization to increase your desirability – $20 value
  • 7 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibration – audio program – $20 value
  • The Book: 5 Keys to Maximize a Man’s Interest in You – $20 value

Plus 3 Valuable Bonuses!

1. Access to the Is He Right for Me? program – How to spot the time-wasting games men play– a $197 value
2. How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey – $20 value
3. Confidence is Sexy! – $20 value

The benefits of group coaching and sharing with like-minded women are remarkable. There is so much comfort knowing you are not alone with how you feel or your romantic experiences. You a lot learn more and get inspired from listening to what other women go through and how they overcome challenges.

When Is the Teleclass?

6 Mondays: 1/11, 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/7 and 3/21
From 8-9pm est by phone

After the very first session I started talking to the men around me and it’s fun!
I am surprised at how easy it is now that I know exactly what to do. This is
just what I need to get going and find love! Thanks Ronnie” –Dawn, Connecticut

So, How Much Is It?

The total value for this program is $1,800, but you can register now for a fraction of the price for only $597. But I want to make available to as many women as possible, so I’m taking another $200 off, so it’s just $357!

“With Ronnie’s help, it is now raining men for me! I sometimes have
3 dates in a week and am having the time of my life.  Ronnie will
show you how to make online dating work for you like you never
dreamed was possible before. She sure did that for me! ”
–Jerri, Florida


This Year, Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Your Promise to Find Love!

Learn everything you need to know to become more successful at dating and find love in 2016. Get the support and inspiration that will make all the difference and keep you going. These methods are so easy, you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time trying to figure things out on your own. It’s time to  find “The One” and 2016 is your year for love.

Register Now for Find Love Now for $357 and get your online dating profile written for free by me in a private phone session – a $175 value

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