Feng Shui For Business with Kathleen Horvath, Author Of Water Rabbit

Learn about Feng Shui for Business with Master Practitioner, Kathleen Horvath and what’s coming for 2023 according to Chinese Astrology in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

Shipwrecked on a Deserted Island

shipwrecked in the SeychellesThis interview began with me asking Kathleen about being shipwrecked on an island in the India Ocean! She’d been sailing around the world, working as a cook on the boat, and they ran aground on a coral reef and started to take on water.

What an adventure!

They decided to abandon ship even though the waters were shark-infested. Luckily, they could walk to what looked like a deserted island. The crew grabbed all the food and supplies they could carry and made it to the primitive island.

Their May Day call was answered and 2-1/2 days later, they were rescued from one of the Seychelles, a string of 115 islands off the coast of East Africa.

One great benefit of sailing around the world was seeing the different ways that people lived. What they wore and ate and how they built their structures, which was like her own personal anthropology exploration.

Kathleen feels this was her actual entrée to the world of Feng Shui. Being on a boat before technology, she read a lot and began with Shogun from the James Clavell series. (I loved that book!) This series introduced her to the idea of Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

what is feng shuiWe took a step back for a moment to define what Feng Shui is. My definition is how the energy flows and moves through a space and Kathleen said this was a good way of thinking about this ancient Asian art.

When Kathleen starts working with someone, the first thing does is to find out what they want to achieve to know the direction her work will take.

Next, she runs their Chinese Astrology chart to see what is trending. This touches on the person’s reputation, and how the stars look for marketing, and partnerships.

Is their work local or international? What is the full potential? It’s pretty comprehensive and backs up if the person is able to meet their goal, supported by their astrology.

Kathleen Horvath also puts a client’s address into Google Earth to see how the home is situated on the property from the satellite view. Looking at the exterior landform, and what is all around your home, she can see how the energy comes into your front door. This is VERY important.

Tips on Good Feng Shui

Optimally, it’s great to have a hill behind your house creating safety and an open area in the font without obstructions. Good landscaping and trees can also add to the energy in a positive way.

We talked about my home and how my front door is situated. I have a support pole on my front porch, so she made a suggestion to place flowerpots and plant something that grows up the pole as a buffer to soften it’s impact.

Feng Shui for Business

Kathleen Horvath, FSMWe jumped over to Feng Shui for business and I asked what should people think about in this arena.

Kathleen tends to focus on the annual energy and does classical Feng Shui which uses astrology and the compass. You can turn your life around by following the good directions on your floor plan.

She looks at where the best energies are going to be present which changes every year. Your body is like an antenna, so you want to situate yourself directionally in a good location to enhance your vibration. How interesting!

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Improving Your Energy

When improving your Feng Shui – it has a two-fold affect. First, Feng Shui is used to improve power and money. In 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit, the south sector is very important.

The second reason you do Feng Shui, which is not spoken about enough, is that helps you energetically. Put yourself in the right position and you are able to charge up your personal energy!

The way to buffer the challenging energies is to avoid being in those spaces when possible. For example, the west is not a good space for 2023, so what if your bedroom is there? She says spend more time in other areas where the good energy is. That’s easy.

Focusing on the annual energies makes a huge difference. The world has endured a tough couple of years. Still, working with these principles, her clients have made progress and are moving forward, even though it hasn’t been easy.

Feng Shui for Love

feng shui for loveNext, we talk about how I used Feng Shui as a Love & Dating Coach. I wrote an article about How to Use Feng Shui Your to Manifest Love which got a lot of attention online.

We also talked about what I call Dinner Date Feng Shui which is about allowing the man to sit in the command position. This is the seat that has a wall behind it and a straight view of the entrance which is the best position for power and protection.

This is a good seat for the man because he will feel more at ease and be more open to you. Something to think about.

2023 Predictions for Love

The year 2023 is very good energetically if you are looking for love! Yay! On the flip side, if you are having an affair, you might want to end it before February 4th, because this year you are likely to get caught!

With a home office, get your compass out, take the direction of the room, and manage the energy of just that room. Ergonomics are also very important for good energy flow.

Kathleen even recommends putting your computer screen, which is like an antenna, into your personal power direction based on astrology charts. That’s how you dial into the most vibrant energy of the year.

What’s Important about 2023?

Chinese AstrologyIn 2023, there is a seismic shift happening.  Everything in Feng Shui is a repeatable pattern in cycles. At this time, we are approaching the end of a 180-year cycle, which includes nine, 20-year periods.

Now the world is moving into the last period, which is a nine, and the element of fire. Right now, it’s on the cusp in 2023, so the transition is beginning.

What is period nine good for? Women in business, women’s empowerment, healthcare including mental, physical and emotional, technology, solar power, metaphysics, and anything to do with energy work.

If you are not in these businesses or industries, then target people in these industries as clients. A lot of money will be made in these areas.

For business, corporations that demonstrate how they care about the bigger picture, through their products, services, employees, customers, and how it all impacts the earth, will be more likely to succeed.

Kathleen says this is the rising phoenix coming from the ashes and ascending. Awesome!

Live Event with Annual Predictions

The 2023 Water Rabbit event is January 15th. Register Here.

Discover what’s possible for you and stay ahead by learning the Feng Shui, Astrology, and Favorable Timing trends. Kathleen covers all the animals, positive directions in the chart and how to deal with challenges.

I took one of her programs recently and learned so much, so check out her event.

BIO- Kathleen Horvath

Feng Shui MasterKathleen is a Business Feng Shui Master who’s dedicated to helping conscious businesses and individuals harness the power of the ancient wisdom of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics to optimize their success in business and life.

She specializes in Business Feng Shui, Astrology and Good Timing, and uses these tools to empower her clients to follow their unique birth map, optimize their physical workspace, use their greatest strengths at the right times, and achieve their personal and business goals to craft their destiny.

Kathleen developed her proven date selection technology, The TimeBlazr™ Business Management System, to increase efficiency, productivity, and accountability for her clients, who are both entrepreneurs and professionals.

Kathleen has several advanced degrees in Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics from top-level teachers around the world.  She has studied and taught in the United States, Malaysia, China, Tibet, India, and England.

Website and Social Media

Website: https://5elementsgroup.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kzemansky

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL4WTWFYkXcHIaRqMzkAI-Q

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleenhorvath/


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