Famous Psychic Mediums – Meet Maria Verdeschi

I’m speaking with Maria Verdeschi, one of the USA’s famous psychic mediums in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Find out how she came to do this work after a hellish year when her life came crumbling down.

Not All Psychics Are Mediums

Maria VerdeschiWhy does she call herself a psychic medium? Maria said, “All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

Maria said she’s been aware of this skill since she was just four years old. One night she asked her parents to tell the people in her room to be quiet. She heard so many spirits in there. Her parents humored her the first time, but the next night they told her to get her butt back into bed and be quiet.

As a result, she kept this ability to herself for years. Later in life, the spirits kept knocking, but she was stubborn about getting this part of her life going. Finally, it all started to flood in after she had a series of heartbreaking, life crumbling events that all happened in one fateful year.

She got divorced, her mother passed, and her dog passed. Your basic nightmare. Yet, she still resisted. Instead, she ended up feeling depressed. Finally, when she couldn’t take it anymore, she realized this wasn’t working, so she started listening. That’s when things started to turn around.

When her mom passed in 2009, Maria said the door flew open to the other side and her mom offered her lots of guidance that was always on target. Many famous psychic mediums say they started this journey when a loved one had passed.

She trusts her mom completely and sold her house even though she didn’t want to which turned out to be the best timing and great advice!

I had a reading recently myself and my mom came through with tons of advice. She talked throughout the entire reading! I was quite surprised.

Signs from Spirit

We started talking about how to recognize signs from spirit. Maria says you’ll feel it in your gut if that’s a sign for you. You might get chills, get a smile on your face, of feel a lift in your vibration. You just know it when you see it.

Learn How to Ask the Universe for a Sign – Listen to this free program here.

When you see a sign from spirit, be sure to acknowledge it and thank spirit or the person you think showed you the sign. This is how you attract more sings into your life which can be so helpful and affirming.

Gratitude is the highest energy, like joy and love. Expressing your gratitude makes you much more magnetic.

Nickels and Pickles

seeing signs from spiritMost famous psychic mediums will talk about seeing signs. Maria and her youngest daughter often share their signs with each other, like seeing 11:11, acknowledging this magical number. It usually means spirit is trying to get your attention. Eleven is a master number according to numerology.

Once I was with my friend Carrie, and we had just finished meditating together and getting guidance from spirit, when I looked down at the grass and saw a four-leaf clover. To me this was a sign we were on to something special.

Maria has a family friend whose father sends them nickels from the other side. This always makes her laugh and she sees it as a positive sign. My friend Terry also sees coins from her father, but he uses dimes.

The point is to pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening. It’s to build a new level of awareness. You have to be awake enough and open to seeing the signs to notice them!

Maria had a friend she asked her dad later in life what his sign would be. He had a great sense of humor and said his sign would be pickles.

One day this friend had asked her dad for a sign because she really needed one. A couple of hours later, her friend called from the car to tell her about a weird bumper sticker with a pickle on it! That was her sign and she thanked her dad.

What Stands Out About Her Work

After 10 years of doing this work, I asked Maria, “What stands out most?” She said connecting people with their loved ones who have passed over. In addition, the healing that happens after through having this communication.

It fills your heart to do this work as many famous psychic mediums will tell you. And the clients feel more in their power. and leave with this healing. They let stuff go which helps them feel lighter and more empowered.

“What’s it like for you when you get messages from spirit?” “It’s a whole new game of charades each time.” Maria is good about sharing whatever she is seeing, hearing, and feeling.

She reminds people to really listen and pay attention to the whole thing including hand movements and other details. She’s made gestures that people on the other side used to do which clients recognize. This becomes important evidence that loved ones are speaking as well.

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How to Develop Your Mediumship Skills

famous psychic mediumsI asked Maria what she recommends for people who want to develop this skill. She suggests taking classes but checking it out before you sign up. Read about the person teaching and trust your gut. See what feels right to you and go with your first instinct.

Learning in a class and group setting can be so helpful to help you learn faster. The energetic connection can help you move forward faster. And opportunities to practice in a group which can be remarkable. Plus, it’s a fun, bonding experience.

Famous Psychic Mediums Like Thomas John

Maria met Thomas John, another of the famous psychic mediums, taking one of his classes. They developed a friendship over the years. She says no one is better with names, he super kind, and has a great sense of humor.

A sense of humor can be very helpful doing psychic mediumship work, so the humor can lighten up the energy or mood significantly. It can really help.

Maria says look for those signs because your loved ones area definitely sending them to you! Set a clear intention of what you want to see. Name the item and give a time limit and they will show it to you.

Bio: Maria Verdeschi

Maria Verdeschi is an acclaimed Psychic Medium, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Teacher and Coach with clients all over the world. Her extraordinary ability to communicate with spirit began at the age of four while living on Long Island.

Now with over a decade of experience, Maria is well known for her accuracy and delivery of evidential messages from departed loved ones. Her kindness and compassion is unmatched. She has a genuine interest in each client that provides for a relaxed and down-to-earth reading.

Maria is the host of the spiritual podcast Hello From The Other Side, and is a co-host of the Blog Talk Radio show Reading The Signs. Her best-selling book There Is No Death, Only Life, with a foreword written by Celebrity Medium Thomas John, has provided support to readers while healing from grief, and she is a contributing author in the best-selling book The Last Breath.

Maria VerdeschiHer successful coaching and mentorship program features classes on Mediumship, Connecting with Your Loved Ones in Spirit, Meditation and Manifesting. In addition, she is a Master Reiki Practitioner proficient in Pranic Healing.

Her ability to connect with teachers, students, clients, guides and departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. She has mentored and participated in many events with Celebrity Medium Thomas John, and mentoring and classes with Andy Byng.

Maria’s accomplishments are truly remarkable and she is extremely passionate about being a spiritual leader and educator, helping people connect to the inner side and expand their own innate psychic and mediumship abilities. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that, “there is no death – only life.”

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