Opening the Eyes of Fa

This is a West African (Benin) divination method that was built around the legend of the God Fa who had 16 eyes that would open daily to prophesize.

I came across this in one of my favorite spiritual books, Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King, PhD.

Directions for Opening the Eyes of Fa

It’s a very simple method. Take a quarter and toss it four times. Be sure to note how it landed – either heads (which is one dot) or tails (two dots). After each toss, make the appropriate dots until you have all four, one beneath the other as shown above.

Then find the pattern above (one of 16 possibilities) and you have an answer! Helpful and easy.

One important tip: Do not try it a second or third time for the same question. If you do, it shows you doubt yourself or the method.

Trust the answer you got and know the very best and truest answer is ALWAYS the first one. Any further tosses for the same inquiry are tainted by your self-doubt and will lack accuracy.


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