Earth Day 2011 – Celebrate the Goddess

Today is Earth Day. Did you do anything yet to commemorate the day?

This “green-focused” holiday celebrates the earth and is designed to raise consciousness about how we treat our “Mother.” I took part in a special ceremony to honor the Goddess, our Earth Mother. We honored her with offerings of cornmeal and water, took a few moments to connect with her spirit and send healing energy. To me, I doubt the earth really needs our healing thoughts. That seems a bit human ego-centric to me. But, what the heck – if it helps to counteract some of the rampant negativity, I’m in.

Earth Day 2011 - Celebrate the Goddess

In the USA, the day is far from over. You can still hold your own celebration. If you don’t resonate with what we did, make up your own way to honor the divinity that is planet earth.

  • Maybe you’ll choose to meditate for a few minutes
  • Maybe you’ll plant some  flowers (depending on where you live and what can still withstand the cold weather)
  • Maybe you’ll stand by the edge of the ocean or a river and feel the positive vibes the water has to offer
  • Maybe you’ll walk barefoot on the grass to let the Earth energy enter your body through your feet
  • Maybe you’ll watch the sunset and celebrate the stars above

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to make this day special. But I do recommend doing something. Why? Well, to connect with your feminine energy, it helps to connect with the Goddess. And Mother Earth is grounded, alive and a sensual being, all good qualities for women who are dating over 40. Taking time to honor the earth will help ground and center you. This  can help you feel more relaxed, optimistic and open to the abundant gifts Mother Earth readily provides.

Finish up any ceremony, big or small, with a moment of gratitude for all that you have and all that the Goddess provides. Any time spent being grateful is time well spent. An attitude of gratitude is very magnetic, pulling toward you all that you desire and all that you deserve. That’s the Law of Attraction in action once again.

Many Blessings

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