Discover Sacred Geometry Art With Lon, Author of Modern Merlin

If you like sacred geometry art, wait until you meet Lon. In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, we talk about soul portraits, oracle decks, and her new book Modern Merlin.

Sacred Geometry Art

I began by asking Lon what sacred geometry art is all about. She explained how the sacred part refers to the divine part and geometry literally means measurement of the earth.

Together the words mean divine measurement of the earth. It’s been proven scientifically that everything in creation is based on repetitions, patterns, and sacred forms that repeat.

For a good example look at the seeds in a sunflower and how they line up in a spiral. You can also see this in cauliflower, how a wave breaks on the beach, and even your fingerprints.

Crop Circles & Messages

There’s a mathematical rhyme and reason and divine blueprint that determines how life develops. That appears in her sacred geometry art and Lon fell in love with this back in the 1990s when she first saw crop circle pictures.

Crop circles are patterns appearing overnight in crops found mostly in northern Europe. The patterns are beautiful, intricate, and mathematical that spread out over hundreds of yards.

There are tons of pictures of these unusual designs and remain a huge mystery. Some say they are a hoax, but there is likely something more going on. There’s a lot of discussion about how they happen, from aliens to farmers.

Lon has always been very visual. Her degree is in graphic design and she doesn’t care how the crop circles are created – she just fell in love with the forms and perfect designs.

Her art began by turning the picture of a crop circle into line art, then adding colors.  After playing with them for a while she came to realize this must be some kind of language – like a universal language and there are messages in them. For example, a circle might indicate a different signal than a square.

Communicate Through Art

sacred geometry artThe idea came to her that maybe she could express certain concepts – really big ideas that are the foundation of our experience as humans on this earth. Concepts like healing, love, connection, prosperity, among others in forms and color.

She started experimenting and it was incredibly exciting. People often understand the concepts by looking at the sacred geometry art created through computer software.

Then people asked if she could capture their energy in sacred geometry art. Lon first gave it a try for a dear friend. While she was working on it, she was tuned into her friend’s essence, the powers that she came in with and her soul.

She realized she could create art, but also write their soul story and that’s how her Soul Portraits came to be. Hundreds of people from all over the world wanted this done for them, to see the expression of their energy and soul through sacred geometry in art.

Modern Day Mandalas

Another way to describe this art is like modern-day mandalas. People may be more familiar with this design term. Mandalas have been used through the ages as a tool to help connect with spirit and tune into the Universe.

Mandalas also help us move away from focusing on the outside physical world and shift inward where we find the multi-dimensional language of spirit, guides, the Universe, and God.

Her New Book – Modern Merlin

Written by LonTowards the end of the book, Lon wrote about energy management and boundaries which she said was important for people to learn about. Plus, the power of smudging ceremonies and energy hygiene.

The biggest message from the book is that we all have tools, abilities, and skills that are innate, which allow us to co-create with the Universe. The book cover features stunning sacred geometry art which is so beautiful.

Lon said we have far more control over what happens in life and how we feel than people think. Most people have been trained to look outside for the tools, which can make you feel like a victim. This is not true because we are in charge.

Changing your perspective can shift everything. Even in the midst of something scary or unfamiliar, you can choose a different attitude to feel more empowered. It’s not so much the external circumstance, but how your interact with the circumstances that makes a difference.

Listen to Your Intuition

lon-artI shared a story about speaking with the Honeysuckle Deva in my garden. The message was about joy and that I think too much. LOL! I heard that if I noticed more moments of joy, I would be more present which is the only time when anyone can access power to change something.

This coincides with what Lon talks about! So, the messages we are getting are similar, even though we come from different places. Today, humanity is going through a shift, learning to trust intuition and follow it.

Don’t allow your mind to shut this down. Instead, be guided by your heart and intuition rather than just the mind and head. It’s about finding the coherence between these two types of information. The mind can’t effectively guide us into the new era of multi-dimensionality.

As many have said, COVID gave people quiet time to tune into their intuition and the spirit world. Yet, even as a spiritual person, I still have resistance to follow through at times. You have to push yourself a bit to get beyond logic and old patterns.

The more you listen to your intuition and have a positive experience, the more trust you build and the easier it gets. You can also use cards, like Lon’s Oracle Decks which feature sacred geometry art.

3 Big Questions

Lon explained her method of how to push past resistance, especially if fear is involved. Being worried about loved ones or even the earth, while compassionate, creates anxious energy that is not helpful. You would be better off creating joy, happiness, and lightening up the energy.

Ask yourself, is this anxiety…

  1. Sourced from the past?
  2. Does it come from the future?
  3. Is it something happening to me right now?

The only valid fear is danger in the present moment and this requires action. But most of us are afraid about what could happen or angry about the past.

When Lon works with her clients as an intuitive guide, she helps them see different perspectives. Look at your triggers as something that brings up frustration, anxiety, or anger.

The value is in recognizing the trigger as a treasure, showing you what needs to be resolved. This is an opportunity to heal and a show of inner strength and awareness. When you are healed, you won’t get triggered.

Lift Your Spirit

In the rest of the interview, we talked about magic. Set an alarm to go off during the day and notice beauty or feel more joy. These little moments lift your spirit and raise your vibration. It’s the simple things like listening to the birds sing that work. The magic of life is all around us.

The consistency of little moments of joy is what brings you greater happiness in life. Keep in mind that you can change yourself in any moment. You have so much more power than you ever imagined.

Bio – Lon

sacred geometry in artLon is an internationally acclaimed sacred geometry artist and creator of two bestselling and award-winning oracle decks. As founder of Lon Art, she offers tools for transformation, readings, an online course and personal soul portraits that connect you to your soul purpose.

Lon’s work inspires authentic insights and activates thinking beyond the everyday, so you can make real changes in your life and become the best possible version of yourself. Modern Merlin is her first book and has an associated course offering a deeper introduction to the concepts and patterns that construct your life. For more information, visit

About Modern Merlin:

Expertly written by internationally acclaimed artist and author Lon, Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magic Powers takes complex topics, such as magic, manifestation, multidimensionality, and energy, and makes sense of the how and why things are the way they are—and how you can begin using your magic deliberately and skillfully to be in full cocreation with the Universe.

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