Dating From Home Masterclass

You deserve to find love sooner rather than later, so don’t let these strange times and circumstances get in your way girlfriend.

There are positive and productive steps you can take now to meet men virtually and find a quality man!

What You’ll Discover:

  • The 5-step simple plan to attract a high caliber man that coaches never talk about,
    but I will reveal
  • Why using this time to work on yourself is NOT the answer and what to do now
    instead to help you get what you want out of life
  • The real reason men always give you “crumbs”, flake, ghost, ignore you and how
    you can connect with a relationship-ready man who wants what you want.
  • Why not being able to meet face-to-face is the best thing to happen to dating in
    more than 30 years!
  • How to do this without risking your safety, health or wasting time on dead end
    relationships or men who will never give you what you deeply desire.


Work with a Seasoned Coach and Expert

As a love and dating coach for 18 years, I know what works and will share every detail to help you live your dream. Get cracking now on these smart action steps and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right man by the time this whole craziness is over.

Learn how to adjust and adapt your regular dating methods for social distancing, so you can start attracting your high-caliber man now… without going out or waiting till it’s all over!

Let’s connect and find out how to make the most of this sheltering time to meet men and have fun!


Join This Supportive Community

With the Dating From Home Masterclass, you’ll get the support you need to find love life now vs. waiting until this virus is over. Why wait? That just pushes it out further into your future away from you now.

Learn along side your single sisters as you find out many of you have the same concerns – so you aren’t alone!

Working with group energy is the fastest way to release blocks, build skills, strengthen your vision, and manifest love with the right guy.

You Can Do This!

Finding love is always possible. No matter what sort of blockages might seem to stand in your way, there is a way around EVERYTHING!

Build your self-worth and flirt your butt off over the phone or video to keep yourself active and hopeful during this crazy and unprecedented time. That’s how you date from home to find love even when there’s a crazy virus!

When Is the Masterclass?

2 Monday nights: May 11th and 18th from 8-9 pm New York time [GMT-4]. The program will be recorded in case you are in a time zone that makes it hard to listen live.


What’s Included?

  • 2 Hours of Masterclass (If this was private one-on-one coaching the value is $600)
  • Discover positive thinking and mindset methods to stem your fears and turn the tide
  • Build your self-worth and become irresistible, so when it’s time to meet face-to-face you’ve got it!
  • Understand how to weed out time wasting men through methods available at a distance
  • The Time to Shine program – 31 Days to Build Self-Love and Confidence ($97 value)
  • Is He the One? My Amazon bestseller that explains the games men play and how to recognize a keeper
  • The I Believe affirmation audio program with 3 different length version for your listening pleasure and to strengthen your belief in your ability to find lasting love ($47 value)
  • The Mr. Right Blueprint to create your vision of the right partner and relationship

2 Valuable Bonuses

  • 2 Nights of Group Coaching to answer your questions as you get active.  Get access to a well-known dating expert for savvy solutions and smart insights to make the most of your efforts. ($600 value)
  • Thursdays, May 21st and 28th from 8-9pm New York time [GMT-4].
  • Distance Reiki and clearing to help you make room for love ($100 value)


Total Value

The total value for all this if compared to private coaching would be $1200! That’s quite a value when you see the Masterclass price.

How Much?

Okay, I’m not messing around. I know things might be tight right now and I want you to hold onto your vision and stay active. So, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you it’s just $99 for everything! For all of this incredible support, strategies, methods, group coaching, Reiki and more.


Go For It!

Yes Ronnie, I’m ready to jump in and start Dating from Home Masterclass for just $99 and find the man of my dreams!

Just $99!


It’s Working for Deirdre!

“In just a few weeks, I went from doubting and beating myself up at every turn about men, to trusting my instincts! Being an empath, it’s been hard, but Ronnie has helped me feel more confident. What a gift working with her has been!
She has also been helping me understand men, how to exit and end things with ease, which men are probably wasting my time and how to figure out what men mean when they do and say certain things. That’s been really helpful.
Even though the virus is keeping me from actually going out on dates, I am still texting and talking to men and getting ready for when we can see each other in person.
I’m so glad I didn’t wait to get started because I’m learning what I need to know right now. Thank you Ronnie.”