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Looking for dating tips for women? This is the second in the blog post series featuring a dating expert who is sharing her knowledge about relationships. Today’s topic is managing anger. Please share with your single gal pals.

Conflict and Anger in Relationships

Do you have trouble with anger in a relationship or have you been exposed to some else’s anger? Many people are uncomfortable or lack skills for handling conflict or strong emotions in relationships.

dating tips for womenMeet Rosalind Sedacca

Rosalind Sedacca, CLC is a Dating and Relationship coach who is known for her work with divorced women with a focus on co-parenting issues. She has also developed a program designed specifically to deal with conflict and anger in relationships.

While anger is a natural emotion, it can also be destructive. Improperly expressed anger can increase conflict and can create difficulties with people. Uncontrolled anger often starts with verbal abuse, but can escalate to physical violence and getting tangled with law enforcement.

Change Your Anger Response

Rosalind and her partner, Amy Sherman, LMHC, created this program for people who know they have anger issues and are ready to do something about it. The information addresses anger in relationship and other life challenges and is also appropriate for women who have a history of attracting chronically angry people and want to understand why. Knowing this will help you make better choices.

Dating Tips for Women – How Do You Handle Anger?

We all get angry and different things set off your anger. But it’s so important to know you have choices about how we react upon those feelings. Acting before thinking leads to increased conflict. Once you have reacted in an angry manner, you have allowed your feelings to control you. Too often this leads to doing things you never would have done if you were making calmer, wiser, and more rational choices. Knowing how to manage anger can help you set limits and determine comfortable boundaries in your relationships and interactions with others, even strangers.

What about Domestic Violence?

Anger is a major contributing factor in domestic abuse, one of the most chronically under reported crimes in America. It can take many forms including frequent conflict, physical or sexual violence and often involves secrecy, dependence and restrictions. Abuse cuts across all socio-economic boundaries, all ages, genders, all religions and educational levels. It is based on the principles of power and control and is perpetrated most frequently against women (85%), but is growing among men (15%).

Domestic violence is unpredictable, yet there is a pattern that is repeated with each episode. It starts with the honeymoon phase, where things seem to be running smoothly and moves on to the intimidation phase, the actual violence, and then back to the honeymoon and forgiveness phase. However, the level of violence gets worse after each incident and lasts longer.

What Counts as Domestic Abuse?

Any force or threats used to take advantage of, mistreat or injure your partner is considered domestic abuse. People might intimidate, threaten, criticize, isolate, humiliate and get physical. Fortunately, this behavior is no longer thought of as a family matter and is appropriately categorized as a crime.

Do You Have Anger Issues or Recognize these Signs in the Men You Date?

Do I lose my temper easily and quickly?
Do small things set you off, like getting stuck in traffic, children running around the house or spilling your morning coffee? Do you have a low tolerance for frustration? Is it difficult for you to take things in stride?

Is my behavior inconsistent and intimidating to others?
Is your behavior is so unpredictable that one minute you’re feeling good and the next, you become explosive?

Have I hurt people close to me when angry?
Have you lost love partners, friends, family or perhaps even your job? Do people distance themselves from being close to you?

Do I find myself explaining or justifying my anger to others?
Do you blame others for enticing you or provoking you to express anger?

Does my anger spiral out of control?
Once you get angry, is it difficult for you to calm down? Does it seem to take over and take a while before you are able to settle down?

Do I have trouble with authority figures?
You don’t like people telling you what to do and often get into confrontations. Do you purposefully refuse to complete assignments or follow directions, as a sign of rebellion?

Do I frequently argue with my partner, family or friends?
Is it difficult for you to have a conversation without getting angry? You don’t like it when others disagree with you or make you feel stupid or inadequate.

If you relate to any of the above questions, you’ll benefit from the Anger Management To Cope With Life Challenges program. And, if you recognize this behavior in the men you have dated or married, you will gain valuable insights to help you avoid repeating these old patterns.

What’s Included in the Anger Management Course?

This online program provides 8 hours of self-paced learning so you will know the signs to watch for in your own behavior or the “red flag” warnings about your partner. You’ll also learn a variety of simple tools and strategies for reducing conflict and taking control of your feelings.

Discover healthier ways to express anger, frustration and other difficult feelings for a more peaceful and rewarding life. The program includes descriptions and explanations, personal quizzes and exercises as well as a final self-exam. For just $69, this program will address anger issues and help you transform your responses. To learn more visit

Rosalind Sedacca, CLC is a Dating & Relationship Coach who partnered with Amy Sherman, LMHC, a licensed mental health counselor in private practice, to create two online anger management programs. One addresses life and relationship challenges. The other program focuses on divorce and co-parenting issues. Both courses provide the skills you need for healthier, more effective ways to reduce conflict and better express your feelings. Details are at

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