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dating tipsMeet Helena Summer

Helena’s story is incredibly unique and inspiring. She lived in Croatia. At 15 war started. She ended up in a refugee camp and ran away to become a nun. She cloistered herself away to pray for peace since her country was so very troubled. After six years she tired of the quiet and solicitude, so left the convent for greener pastures. A well meaning authority figure arranged a marriage for her and before she had ever had one date, Helena found herself married.

He wasn’t a bad man, but over time in this war-torn country, he lost everything and his health was failing. So he set out to find Helena a new husband and found a “surfer dude” half way around the world in Hawaii! She says they had fun for three months, but then everything went downhill fast.

Then at 31, she had been divorced twice and still had never been on one date. (She feels amused about this even today.) She didn’t know much about men, was alone and afraid, but also very curious. Her grandmother told her there was wisdom and grace in love and that she should learn about it.

Learning to Love – Best Dating Tips

In Helena’s words, “I was ‘eating’ love books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and studied with world class experts. I read, dated, observed, and learned to be loving, while listening to my inner voice.” She also listened to her grandmother’s advice and dating tips, “You don’t have to learn too much. Just a few essentials – How to flirt. To signal. To receive. To say “No”. To say “Yes”. To dress up. To speak up. To spot players. To stay safe. To bring out the best. To find the keeper.

Dating 500 Men

Helen’s amazing journey included dating over 500 men! (And I make a big deal about the 30 I dated.) She did not get attached or fall in love. With time she became bored with bad boys and nice guys and was ready for a good man. That’s when she finally understood she had to become a good woman first to attract a quality man.

Her inner work included learning to be patient, sweet, open-hearted, fun, and playful. She discovered how to glow and be lovely, be respectful, understanding, peaceful and even fierce, when necessary.

She Met the One on Match

Before too long she met a guy on that she didn’t give much thought too at first. It took her friends to point out that she was different with this man. Being with him was smooth, sweet and simply an enriching connection. They married and Helena dedicated her life personally and professionally to love.

Today Helena works with her clients using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping) to help them remove blocks and learn about themselves and build new skills. Her dating tips and methods have helped many women feel better about themselves, dating and finding love.

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