Dating Over 40: Single? 5 Tips to Get You Noticed on Valentine’s Day by Paige Parker

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Thanks for returning to read day four of the Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon.  Today’s guest blogger is Paige Parker, one of the leading dating coaches for women on the Web. Her weekly newsletters, eBook, and coaching programs help hundreds of thousands of women around the world each day. As the creator of “Dating Without Drama,” she aims to help women understand men better and love themselves more so they can find – and keep – a healthy, loving relationship. Check out  for the latest dating advice for women.

Single?  5 Tips to Get You Noticed on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day… And if all of the pink-and-red decorations, overflowing candy aisles and “a Diamond is Forever” commercials have got you thinking, “Forget a Valentine… I just wish someone would notice me and ask me on a date,” don’t stress!  Just follow my simple 5 tips to make yourself IRRESISTIBLY APPROACHABLE to the opposite sex:

1. Get Out of the House.
You can’t attract someone special if they can’t find you. You’ve got to pry yourself away from those “Friends” reruns and get out into the world. So put your shoes on and let’s go!

2. Dress Confidently.
If you really want to get someone’s attention, you might need to step up your style a notch… and NOT for the reason you may think. I recommend wearing a colorful and flattering outfit not just because you’ll turn heads (though you WILL), but because of the way it will make YOU feel. When you take pride in your appearance, your posture will straighten up, you’ll feel more confident, and you’ll be much more likely to make eye contact, smile, and possibly even strike up a conversation with someone new. That energy (fueled by self- esteem) will be incredibly attractive to others.

3. Be a Billboard for Happiness.
When you’re excited about life, it shows… AND it rubs off on others. People are much more likely to approach someone who is smiling, laughing, and happily engaged with her surroundings. So wipe that scowl off your face, curb the cynicism, and radiate the most positive energy you can muster.

4. Attract Attention with a Prop.
When someone wants to meet you, they’ll usually look for any reason under the sun to strike up a conversation.

Any kind of prop – your dog, a t-shirt with a funny slogan on it, your tennis racket slung over your shoulder, a sweatshirt with your alma mater’s logo, a book with an intriguing title on the cover – these are all things that someone might feel compelled to make a comment on or approach you about… There you go! You’ve instantly become more approachable.

5. Spark Up Spontaneuous Conversation.
Sometimes, a person might be too shy, too preoccupied, or too oblivious to their surroundings to initiate a conversation with you. That doesn’t mean that you have to let the opportunity pass you by. So the next time you see that cute guy in line at Starbucks, why not raise your latte to him, flash a big smile, and say something cute like, “Breakfast of Champions!” Sure, he might just smile and walk on, BUT – he might also come over and ask if he can take you out for your next caffeine fix!  GOOD LUCK!

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