Dating Over 40: Romancing Yourself on Valentine’s Day or Any Day by April Braswell

We made it! This is Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon Finale! With seven wonderful days of guest dating bloggers, you’ve had access to some of the best advice and tips in the business. These fabulous professional dating experts along with myself want only one thing – for you to find the love you want and deserve. Hopefully these seven special posts have made a difference for you – to inspire, motivate, life your spirits, or get you to try something new. As your dating coach, I’m rooting for you!

April Braswell - Online Dating Coach and Expert

My final guest dating  blogger is Online Dating Coach and Expert, April Braswell. She has advised men and women about dating, relationship, body flirting since 2002.  In Touch Weeklyregularly turns to her for celebrity relationship input. She believes there is someone for each of us and as a dating coach, helps clients dramatically increase the number of high quality dates to find lasting love. April is a Certified Hypnotist and studied body language with experts Dr. Kevin Hogan and Tonya Reiman of the “O’Reilly Factor” and was recently featured in Dating for Dummies, 3rd edition.

Romancing Yourself On Valentine’s Day or Any Day!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the topic of romance arises and receives tons of media coverage and is the topic of water cooler conversations.  However, what if you are single at this time, or have only just starting dating a few different men, with no significant boyfriend at this time?  Does that leave you out of enjoying romance at this time of year or year round for that matter?  It need not.  In fact, all wonderful romances start with you genuinely loving yourself first.  The same is so for giving yourself romance as well.

Other than the wonderful fun of receiving romantic treatment, you might be scrutinizing the idea, wondering analytically what could possibly be the benefit of your doing so.  Well, adding romance to your life yourself enhances your softness and feminine energy which magnetizes, attracts, and draws more men naturally to you.  As they are drawn to you like bees to the honey flowers, buzzing about you, you naturally, smile, flirt, and affirm their being attracted to you.  They are perfectly right to find you so feminine and attractive. 

Fill your life yourself with romance.  Give yourself roses.  Fill your home with this.  What about candles?  Do you enjoy candle light?  Try using fair holiday lights around your living room, perhaps framing your windows there to give your living space a romantic softly diffused light.  Additionally, you can inexpensively purchased long burned colored votive candles.  Infusing your life with romance doesn’t have to cost a lot.  The colored votive candles are typically available for just a few dollars at the local grocery store and Wal*Mart.  Do be sure to include a pink one or red one each for your romance corner in your living room, and a few for your bedroom, such as on one of your bedside tables.  Cluster the pink and red ones always in pairs to reinforce coupledom for your romantic energy, not solitude!

What about your sense of smell?  Do enjoy floral fragrances?  Do you enjoy perfume?  Invest in high quality aromatic room sprays like those from Crabtree and Evelyn, like their Lily of the Valley, Gardenia, or Rose sprays and then complement them by additionally purchasing the scented hand lotion. 

What about what you listen to?  Do your girlfriends speak negatively of men or with positive phrases admiring and affirming them?  Do you listen to songs with lyrics accentuating solitude, “All By Myself,” or to songs that affirm romance and relationships in positive ways, “Love’s Got Ahold of Me,” “I Found Love in the Nick of Time,” and “It’s Raining Men”?  Be careful whom you listen to and fill your life with, following the Law of Association.  We become the most like those we invest the most time in our lives with. 

Additionally, fill your life with music, love-affirming love songs, romantic strains of classical music, folk ballads, and dance infectious jazz music.  You won’t be able to help but smile all the time, dance around your home, and carry that radiant smile with you and dancing, swaying ways with you out and about in your life outside of your home, magnetizing and attracting men to you, those who are attracted by your unique essence.  And that is precisely what you want to have happen.  Men who are drawn to your uniqueness to come into your life. 

When you fill your life with romance, that will be your new normal.  You will radiate it and also accept, receive and appreciate it.  So when men give your gifts of rose bouquets, romantic CDs, and bottles of perfume, you smile, receive, and say, “Thank you,” which they just love from women – appreciation!  You won’t be rejecting their gifts, feeling uncomfortable with them, thinking you don’t deserve them.  You know as a woman you are completely worthy of the presents, and you are appreciative of them, which is what men crave from feminine women.  This will now be part of your new normal as you feed more men into your life and enjoy the romance!  So when it comes to real love and romance, start with yourself!

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