Dating Over 40: How Men Think – 5 Insights into the Workings of a Man’s Brain

Dating Over 40: How Men Think

Insight #1: Men Don’t Think Like Women Do
Women think about every little thing. We can be known to make things more complicated than they are. Mend don’t do this. They don’t think about every little, tiny thing. If a man’s head itches, he scratches it. Simple as that.

Insight #2: Men Don’t Search For the Reasons “Why?”
Women always want to know “WHY?” We search for the deeper meaning behind things that happen to us. You want to know the reasons that lead to a particular outcome so you can try to talk about it and fix it. Men don’t look for deeper meaning. They just take things at face value.

If a woman’s head itches, she wonders “Why does my head itch? Did I do something to make my head itch? Do I have dandruff? Do I need a new shampoo? Did I eat something that made my head itch?”

Women have to find out the “why” for everything they do and everything that happens to them.  It can really be a curse. Especially when thinking about men “Why does this guy like me? What does this mean?”

Here’s the truth of the matter. It might not mean anything! You have to start thinking more like a man. It certainly seems easier and a lot less problematic.

Insight  #3: To Meet Men, You Need to Learn to “Communicate Like a Man” So They Get It
If you’re attracted to a man, smile at him and hold his gaze a bit longer than normal. Maybe 3-5 seconds which doesn’t sound long, but it is. That’s how you communicate your interest to a man! To communicate with a man in his language means that you need to be OBVIOUS.

Men need you to be obvious. If you’re obvious, chances are a lot stronger they’ll walk over to check you out. They don’t want to sit there, thinking and wondering all night long what your casual two second glance means.  They DON’T WONDER WHY – remember?

Men WANT you to smile at them, be friendly and invite them in this non-verbal way to walk over to talk to you.  It lessens their chances of rejection. This might surprise you but men don’t like rejection. They tend to avoid it. If you don’t appear to be friendly, he’s not likely to come over to test the waters.

Insight  #4: Men Aren’t Thinking What You Think They’re Thinking
Stop trying to anticipate a man’s reaction to you based upon how you, as a woman, think. My dating coaching cleints so often assume what men are thinking about and are usually WRONG!

If you look at men, they don’t automatically think you’re easy. All they’re thinking is that you are looking at them.  Remember – men don’t spend gobs of time wondering “Why?”

Often, a man is so glad that a woman is being obvious enough for him to catch on, he can’t believe his good fortune.

Insight  #5: To Meet Men, You Need To Change Your Energy
If you want to meet men, you need to shake up how you relate to them! So, start holding his gaze, even if it feels a little like you are staring. Go ahead and be more obvious. You’ll soon have more men walking over than you ever imagined.

When you start using your feminine charm, it will work like magic. It’s a part of your biology. Every woman has this ability.  It’s in your DNA to ensure survival of the species. But so many women have simply forgotten how to do this.

This is the ONE CRUCIAL STRATEGY to start meeting more men. Stop by tomorrow to get the details.

Thanks to Dave Wygant for inspiring me to write this blog post. Photo credit: DelosJ

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