Dating Over 40? Catch Olympic Fever to Meet Single Men!

Is there a gold medal for dating over 40?

As you know, right now the Olympics are hot. Everyone is buzzing about the games . It’s not only exciting, it’s a great opportunity for to meet single men!

Don’t like sports? Come on now, this isn’t football. We’re talking about America’s darlings, the athletes that have been training for years for these few special moments to shine for our country. If you even start to watch, its pretty hard to resist the excitement.

So how can catching Olympic fever help you meet single men?

Go where the men are – watching the Olympics! Visit a neighborhood pub or even a sports bar and get in on the action. Grab a girlfriend (dating buddy) or go alone and join the fun. Any place with a big screen TV will do really. Check out the schedule to choose the nights when the events you are most interested in.

Plan on Setting World Records for Friendliness

Stretch yourself. Be brave and get out of your comfort zone to talk to the men watching the events. Think of yourself as a “Dating Olympian” who is going for the gold of conversation and meeting new met. Plan on setting world records for friendliness.

The games will make it easy to talk to new people and enter a conversation already in progress. Simply comment on the athletes and what you just saw.Ask men who they are rooting for.  It will feel natural if you catch Olympic fever and participate enthusiastically.

Men get charged up by the excitement of sports and celebrate the winners like they are there with them. Jumping on this band wagon will make it easy to be a part of the crowd. Camaraderie unfolds from sharing the experience. Get in there and relish the joy of having a winning team.

Dress Your Feminine Best

Of course, I recommend dressing your feminine best. Make sure you are wearing something you feel fabulous in. You want to be dressed appropriately for the venue, but with that extra attention to detail that heightens your appeal. Try high heels or strappy sandals, sexy belts if you’ve got a nice waist line, a sleeveless shirt if you’ve got buff arms. You get the picture.

You’ve only got about a week to leverage his outstanding opportunity to  meet single men. If you are dating over 40 or dating after divorce, its so important to take advantage of every chance you get and this is a good one. So get in there and go for the gold! And congratulations to all our Olympic medal winners!


Photo credit: Corinna A. Carlson




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