Dating Over 40: Be Inspired by the Chilean Miners

Be Inspired by Chilean Miner Rescue

Yesterday, the news was splashed with story after story about the 33 rescued Chilean miners who had been stuck in the mine for over 60 days. It is a worthwhile story because it features a happy ending to a situation that had the potential to be a major tragedy.

Amazingly, as video cameras followed the day-to-day life in the mine, these miners pulled together to gain strength and stay positive as they awaited rescue. One thing that impressed me was how they used exercise to manage their stress, fear and attitude while so deep inside the earth.

This is a story of human triumph of great proportions. In the face of life-threatening disaster, these brave men held it together by supporting each other and working to maintain a positive outlook as they literally waited to see light at the end of the tunnel.

What has this got to do with dating?

As a dating coach for women over 40, I notice a lot of people who give up surprisingly quickly or become bitter over disappointments. Believe me, I’ve been there myself and I understand. Dating is hard, its emotional, it’s a roller coaster. But you cannot let it ruin your outlook because that dramatically impedes your opportunities for success.

Those men in the Chilean mine held steadfast to the hope of being rescued. I don’t mean to trivialize their ordeal in any way, but want to you to be INSPIRED by the way they handled things. You too must hold fast to the hope of finding love. Not that it will rescue you from something. But a loving partner will add to and enrich your life. It’s worth holding out hope for. It’s worth a few unpleasant disappointments. It’s worth the trouble and effort you invest.

Any long-term goal requires effort and time to achieve it. You’ll need to make a plan to meet more men and new people, improve your mingling and flirting skills, learn to understand midlife men and make smart choices about who you date. There is a lot to the process.

Yet, if you want love and you give up, complain constantly, speak badly about men, these actions will not help you find it . Quite the opposite. The miners knew they couldn’t fall into despair, that’s why they did what they could to stay upbeat and positive.

As your over 40 dating coach, I’m asking you to let these men inspire you! Remember what they went through to keep your dating life in perspective. Build on their incredible strength and victory to be saved and keep your search alive and strong.

You deserve love. And the best way to find it is to keep a positive attitude and get out there to meet men.

I’m here to help. When you choose me as your coach, we’ll work together so you get the support you need to see the glass half full and the opportunities to meet good men all around you. People fall in love every day. You could be next!

Photo Credit – Borrowed respectfully from Gossip Jackal

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