Dating After Divorce: Meet Men at Alumni Events

Meet Men at Alumni Events

Do you attend alumni events from your college? Start thinking about it because this is a viable way to meet new men! One of my dating coaching clients, Sarah, is very active with her alumni association. They have a CT and a NY chapter and she attends many events from both groups.

Recently, Sarah was talking to an old boyfriend who she ran into at one of the events. He’s married now, but his friend George wasn’t. Sarah didn’t know George because he was in a different class, but her old beau introduced them. They hit if off immediately and he invited her out to a concert he had tickets for and they’ve been dating for five romantic months.

What’s great about alumni groups is the  immediate connection you have with people. Having attended the same school makes starting a conversation so natural. Here are some super easy openers:

  • When did you graduate?
  • What was your degree in?
  • Which sporting events did you attend?
  • Where did you live on campus?
  • Do you remember when _____ (name some big event)?
  • Do you know so and so?

Many people really enjoyed college, so this puts them in a good mood. It brings back feelings of youth and fond memories of days gone by. Reminiscing can be a lot of fun and  allows you to share in someone else ‘s passion and good times.

Maybe you didn’t like your university or there isn’t a strong alumni association. Nio problem. Ask a close single friend about her alumni group and attend those meetings with her. This is still a highly effective way to meet new people who are college grads.

In general, the more people you meet, the better your chances of finding the right man. If everyone knows 250 people on average, then leveraging the alumni connection can really build your contact base.

As your dating coach, here’s what I recommend. Reclaim your school spirit or fake it if you have to. But research your alumni association and take a shot. Go to a few events, not just one to really give this a fair chance. You could make some new women friends or business contacts. And, you might even enjoy yourself! 

Take it from my dating coaching client Sarah and her boyfriend George, it’s worth checking out. When you are dating after divorce or dating over 40, meeting new people is the best solution to feeling lonely, building a social life or expanding your contacts.

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