Dating after Divorce: Top 10 Ways to Meet More Men this Summer

How to Meet More Men this Summer

Are you divorced and dating over 40? Well then, I’m talking to you girlfriend!

Summer’s coming and being single, its time to get out there and mingle. What are you doing about it?

Do you have a plan? Are you ready for the best season to meet men? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, YEAH!! And if you had to say, “No'” not to worry. I’ve got a great list below to help you get moving in the right direction. Try one or try them all!

I’ve put these ideas together in David Letterman fashion, counting down from 10 to 1. Here goes:

Top 10 Ways to Meet More Men this Summer

 10. Walk your dog.
You can do this activity anywhere. At a dog park, in your neighborhood. On the board walk of your local beach. Your job is to look great before you leave the house. Then while walking your pup, look up and smile at people as you pass them by. Talk to a few folks. Ask about their dogs.

9. Read a book at the beach or  park.
This is a fun thing to do any way. Bring a chair or spread out a blanket and reada great book. A book is a great prop, making it easy for a man to approach you and start a conversation. His question, “What are you reading?” Bingo, the interaction begins!

8. Attend all the summer parties you’re invited to.
Oh yes, I know how it would be much easier to just say “No.” But this is a case to say, “YES!”  The more BBQ’s you attend, whether they are business, family, friends or singles groups, the more people you can meet. People are happy at parties and that makes them easier to meet and open to talk to you. No excuses, just go.

7. Many communities have an outdoor concert series at a band shell or park.
This is a great place to meet local men. Men like music, especially jazz. But choose music you like and attend more than one concert. Get out and be seen. Enjoy the music, sing along, dance a little. And talk about the music to strike up conversations.

6.  Take advantage of the good weather and dine outdoors.
A lot of restaurants put tables outside to attract diners. People love to sit outside to chat and eat. Get a glass of wine and an appetizer. Have a beer and a burger. Enjoy ice tea and a piece of blueberry pie. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy dining al fresco. With close quarters, you can often meet other diners right near by, especially if you’re friendly. Take a chance and comment on his food, “That looks yummy.” 

The next five will be posted tomorrow so come on back now, you hear?

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Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. She put her skills from personal development and her spiritual path to work, dating 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Discovering the keys to manifesting and midlife dating, she founded It’s Never Too Late to help smart, successful women find love or live an empowered and magical life. Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Certified Coach who has helped 1,000s of midlife women with her Love & Magical Life Coach services. She’s the host of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast and has been featured on NBC, ABC, & Fox News, NPR, BBC, eHarmony,, and Connecticut Magazine among others. Also, Ronnie is the author of 6 books which are available on Amazon.

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