Dating After Divorce: Spoil Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Welcome to Day 4 of the Valentine’s Week Blog-a-thon!

When I asked a few single mom bloggers last year at MomLogic if they were going to say “No” to Valentine’s Day, I’d expected to get a good dose of cynicism. Instead, bloggers like The Quest for T — a single mom of two — said: “I think love is who we are — and we should celebrate that every moment of every day!”

Single Mom Seeking
Single Mom Seeking

Today’s guest blogger is SingleMomSeeking , one of the best dating bloggers (as reviewed by Guide to Dating) specializes in being a parent while looking for love  and author of Single Mom Seeking: Play Dates, Blind Dates and Other Dispatches from the Dating World.

So, this time around — when I called these same women to touch base about their Valentine’s mood — I was sure some bitterness would come through. But no. Listen in: “In the last year, I’ve lost 35 lbs, quit smoking, started paying off divorce related bills,” says Julie from 47 and Starting Over . “Now I am about to turn 49 and I feel fabulous about that! So I will celebrate this crazy little Hallmark Holiday with some white wine, dark chocolate, and candles….and be thankful to be starting the last year of my 40s in such a better place in my life!”

 Kat Wilder, who celebrates Valentine’s Day every day, adds: “I make sure the people I love know it every day.” And then there’s Jessica, aka Sassafrass, who put it all out there: “This year, I will be sweetly and quietly completely single. OK, I won’t be that quiet. Although right now I am challenged to just ‘be’ in my singleness, I am actively seeking ways to delight in the quiet time to make my way through a queue full of Netflix movies and seasons of shows I missed when I was out with cute boys who kept me out way too late.”

And her plans for next Sunday? “I will be spoiled on Valentine’s Day. By myself, for myself. Nothing lavish. Nothing budget-blowing. Nothing life-changing. Nothing practical. Just something that will remind me that I deserve to be delighted.

I’m thinking about buying and wearing a pair of saucy red knickers that no one else really needs to know about to give me a thrill. Or maybe a big old gaudy cocktail ring to flash when I’m tapping away at my laptop, working late at night. Perhaps a new belly ring or lipstick or ridiculously small and adorable clutch purse. Of course, I always accept shoes from myself with great appreciation and bliss.”

So, will you spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day? Let’s hear how!

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