Dating Advice for Women – He Rejected Me! Now What?

If you are dating to find love, you are going to face rejection. There is absolutely no way around it. My dating advice for women will help you learn to handle it more easily and recover more quickly.

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Dating advice for women

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No one said dating is easy. However, my dating advice for women serves to make things easier. I want to help you handle situations better and move on faster.  The less time you spend lamenting rejection, the more time you have to find Mr. Right.

In dating, rejection comes in many forms. I’m going to cover three common types of rejection you might encounter and provide suggestions to turn them around.

Emailing via Online Dating Sites
You might shore up your courage and then email a few guys online. Then, nothing happens! They never respond and you feel a huge let down. You hand-picked these guys because they seemed so right and they didn’t even write back! How could they treat you this way?

What you need to keep in mind is that these men might not be looking right now, or they found someone, or they are on a business trip, or they might not even have an active profile. There are so many variables with emailing online, you have to learn not to take this personally.

Maybe a guy did look at your profile and decided against you, but often that is not what happened. So don’t waste time and emotional energy beating yourself up and feeling crummy that you’ve been rejected by this great guy. He might not even know you emailed. Learn to let this go and not take every email so seriously.

Online dating is a numbers game. You will win some and lose some. That’s all part of the dating process so you might as well simply expect that most men will NOT email you back.

Fun Texting or Phone Call But No Date
You connect with a guy online and he asks for your number. Then he starts texting and you have a really great interaction that goes on for a few days, but stops. Or you speak to him on the phone but he never sets up a date. This happens all the time as well.

Again, the guy might not be serious about finding love or know what the wants. He might just want a brief feminine connection and the texting or call satisfied his need quickly.

My dating advice for this is to do your best to not get hung up on a guy you never met. The reasons why he didn’t follow through are too numerous to even mention. To rise above it, remember that he was not the right man, because the right man would want more of you after texting and talking. The right guy would be curious to get to know you better and would want to SEE you in the flesh.

No Second Date
You had a super fun first date, but then he never called again.  You were so hopeful he liked you. How could this be and why didn’t he like you enough to see you again?

First, it helps to realize this happens to every woman more often than you think. There are many possible reasons:

  1. He just wants to meet a lot of women to boost his ego
  2. He could tell you wanted a relationship and he doesn’t
  3. He had fun, but you are not what he is looking for
  4. You remind him of his ex wife too much (ex girlfriend, mother, etc.)
  5. He doesn’t know what he wants
  6. He had fun, but you aren’t his type
  7. He wants perfection

As you can see, after listing several possibilities, most of them have little to do with not liking you. That’s why my dating advice for women is to not get hung up on why he never called again. He just didn’t and the truth is you’ll never know why.

Don’t waste your time worrying about the loss of one guy. There are plenty of other men out there. The best way to deal with this is to recognize he was NOT the right man for you. if he was, he could never pass you up so easily.

How to Get Over the Sting of Rejection Quickly

I have three empowering solutions for handling rejection:

1. Not the Right Guy. As mentioned above, remind yourself no matter how perfect he seemed, he was clearly not the right guy for you. The right man would want more, not feel satisfied so quickly or find other women more interesting.

2. You Are a Great Catch. Make a list of why you are a great catch. When you get rejected, pull out the list and read it. This will help you build and maintain your self-esteem. You ARE a great catch and the more you think that way and that not dating you is HIS LOSS, the faster you’ll get over this minor set back.

3. Ask Yourself, “Who Is Next?” This provides a powerful shift to face the future with optimism. The right man could be the next guy you meet. There truly is an abundant supply of men. New guys sign up online, heal from divorce and find themselves ready to date and look for a great woman like you every day.

Don’t despair! Dating takes time and requires a little bit of kismet. If you consistently put yourself out there and meet men on a regular basis, you will find him and even better, HE WILL FIND YOU.

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t hide away saddened by the loss of men you never met or dated only once. Don’t quit looking at your online dating account. Don’t give up going to singles’ Meetups, parties or upscale bars or clubs. Please don’t do that to yourself.

Learn to spring back and stay active until you find the right man for you. Put my dating advice for women to work and shore up your confidence so you can continue to date and meet men until you find the love you deserve.

If you need dating advice for women, contact me at 203-877-3777 and let’s talk about how coaching might help you find love faster.

Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. She put her skills from personal development and her spiritual path to work, dating 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Discovering the keys to manifesting and midlife dating, she founded It’s Never Too Late to help smart, successful women find love or live an empowered and magical life. Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a Certified Coach who has helped 1,000s of midlife women with her Love & Magical Life Coach services. She’s the host of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast and has been featured on NBC, ABC, & Fox News, NPR, BBC, eHarmony,, and Connecticut Magazine among others. Also, Ronnie is the author of 6 books which are available on Amazon.

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