Creating Moments of Joy And Your Dream Life With Colleen Coles

Ready for creating moments of joy and your dream life? Join me as I interview Colleen Coles, who developed the program Orgasmic Dream Life in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

She Did Everything Right

breathe love & magic podcastI asked Colleen how she got into this area of coaching and came up with the Orgasmic Dream Life program. She’s been a purpose alignment coach for seven years and started because she wanted to know more about her life purpose.

During this awakening, she also met her man and got married. The sexual piece came from her own struggles of turning on her sexuality in her marriage. In high school and college, she had become a devout Catholic and vowed to not have sex before marriage.

Colleen thought she had done everything right, but still had a hard time connecting with her husband, Michael, in the bedroom. This made her feel lack luster in her whole life and without passion. She really wanted to find her passion and purpose which brought her to coaching.

Initially, Colleen was certified as a coach by Gabby Bernstein who talked about John of God. This inspired Colleen to visit his compound in Brazil and was grateful she followed her intuition because soon after he was shut down.

After this awesome visit, she traveled around Brazil, did a bit surfing and was taken by the amazing energy. Yet, even though she had worked on her purpose by shifting into coaching, she still felt stuck in a box about her marriage and sexuality.

The bottom line is Colleen got into this area of coaching because she herself needed it. That’s why she studied Tantra, the yoga of spirituality and experiencing that energetic and spiritual connection within sex.

Her sensuality came alive in Brazil after surfing, and being around so many beautiful, sensual people there. And this awakening helps with creating moments of joy now.

Visiting John of God

John of God in BrazilHer trip to Brazil showed her that God and spirit could be found in physical life, like surfing ocean waves and feeling good in her body. There was no shame in feeling connected to God through her sexual energy. But in the past, these two worlds had always been separate and distinct, limiting her ability for creating moments of joy.

Giving herself permission to feel good opened up a world of passion for her life and she found so much clarity. She busted through all the old rules she thought she had to follow which kept her life constrained and living without purpose.

She returned home ready to clean up her life and no longer willing to settle. This new attitude helped everything, from her marriage and her spiritual connection, to coaching and income. It was just phenomenal.

The point is to do what you want and feel called to do. Otherwise, when you shut down, it restricts the root and sacral chakras and the flow of life force energy.

Sensual Awakening in Brazil

sensual awakeningIn the past, she had been following her religious beliefs, which created a conflict. I wanted to know how she got past the rift between religion vs. her new experiences.

At her first Gabby Bernstein event, she did a meditation and came to realize, “This is why I am here – to connect with spirit. We are all trying to find connection back to God.” She wanted more and since the religious route didn’t work out, she went for the spirituality.

Before this shift, her sexual relationship with her husband wasn’t working, but she thought that’s just how it is and you have to put up with it. Then walking down the boardwalk in Rio, she and a friend stopped to talk to some people. A woman said to her, “You are so cute!’ and started kissing her out of the blue.

Colleen wondered, “Whoa, did I like that or not like that?” She was feeling very different feelings she hadn’t felt before and was surprised how much sensual energy emerged while in Brazil.

Turns out Colleen could be in her body and connect with nature and her sensuality all at the same time. The experience was available everywhere which made it much easier for creating moments of joy.

Connecting with Herself and Spirit

Connecting with her body and even into the shameful places, she faced them. Doing this, Colleen found what she’d been searching for all along – the connection between herself, spirit, nature, and God. She felt like God had been waiting for her to experience all of this.

What a huge shift!

Colleen’s program, Orgasmic Dream Life, covers manifesting with your intuition and sexual energy. I took the program because Colleen said she’d cover ways to find more joy in life. That’s all I needed to hear – I was in.

For more on creating joy, check out this podcast snack.

The Sexual Psychological Feminine Split

sexual psychological feminine splitThere is something within all women called the sexual psychological feminine split. Women have been conditioned in a way that often leads to being your normal self 90% of the time, and sexual 10% of the time.

It means most women only allow their sensuality to show up 10% of the time when “appropriate,” maybe once a week and then this part gets hidden away again.

However, humans are 100% life force energy and are not created to live in this fragmented way. Sadly, many women have been conditioned like this. But, you can be your complete self and sexual, which will super charge your life, bring more clarity, and help you better connect with your intuition.

Intuition, especially for women, resides in the body and there is a connection between the third eye and sacral chakras. This is all part of creating moments of joy and recognizing them as they happen.

Intuition Is Within the Body

In the past, Colleen looked outside herself for her intuition, but it was within her all along. When she allowed herself to have more fun and feel more pleasure in her body, she discovered greater clarity and could hear her intuition far better too.

When you combine joyful passion with intuition, it’s like rocket fuel. This allows you to feel what’s natural, so you can take action more quickly and enjoy life more fully. Let it be simple, connecting with the sensual life force energy.

The sacral chakra is the center of creation, so yes, it’s for creating new human lives, but also for creativity like painting, music, and dance. This is how you connect with your own creative life force.

Creating Moments of Joy

looking withinWe also talked about a number of other topics that Colleen explored such as:

  • Allowing herself to be more alive and live more fully
  • Connecting with her “I Am” energy of her solar plexus
  • How feeling stuck in her sexuality also meant she was stuck in her business
  • How being open to pleasure opened up possibilities in other areas of her life
  • Facing her biggest fear of being a turned on, sensual woman could ruin her marriage
  • How taking this chance paid off in every area of her life
  • How taking Colleen’s class opened me to more fun and joy

This was a lively, fascinating conversation that explored some previously taboo topics with a fresh and down-to-earth point of view.

If you’d like to speak directly with Colleen, sign up for a free clarity call here!

BIO – Colleen Coles

Authentically on Purpose CoachingColleen Coles is a Purpose Alignment Coach and the founder of the Spiritual Mentorship brand, Authentically On Purpose. She helps spiritual people who don’t want to settle build their dream life through sexual energy.

Colleen’s mission is to help teach and heal more people to be who they really are, do what they love, so they can make a difference while feeling lighter, brighter, more fun, and freer.

She has helped hundreds of clients since 2015 overcome deep levels of trauma through her energetic healing work that traditional counseling can’t seem to reach, and teaches tools to trust yourself and live an authentic life on purpose.

Colleen worked as the Mindset Coach for The Haus of Impact and is a certified life coach, studying under Gabby Bernstein, Gina DeVee, Tony Robbins, and tantra from Psalm Isadora.

Website & Social Media

Instagram: @Colleen.Coles






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