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If you’re ready to figure out what’s keeping you single and how coaching with me can help, apply now! Get help understanding men and guidance from a love & dating coach in business for 18+ years who has helped thousands through her coaching, workshops, books and blog.

Please Note: The purpose of this session is to talk about your dating patterns and beliefs about love that might be keeping you stuck or getting in the way of you finding lasting love with the right man.  Please understand this session is not meant for getting advice about a particular man you are seeing now.

Every week I get numerous requests for a free session. If you would like to be considered for a 45-minute session, please complete the application. Once reviewed, I’ll get back to you quickly either way.

Be as open as possible in your responses, so we can have a more productive call. Please know I only work with women who are serious about finding love now and are ready and willing to invest in their personal development.

What Clients Say about Working with Ronnie

With Ronnie’s Help, It’s Now Raining Men!

I sometimes have 3-5 dates in a week and am having the time of my life. Ronnie will show you how to make online dating work for you like you never dreamed was possible before.

Here’s the secret: Just follow the plan. The things Ronnie suggests aren’t hard.

Once I gave myself permission to be open and approachable my life changed! She told me to smile at men, say hi, talk about anything even the weather. She explained how to use your feminine energy where I had always felt silly before doing these things and it worked!

She tweaked my online profile – I’d been online on and off for a couple of very frustrating, soul crushing years. Now the response has been amazing! Thank you for rocking my world!


Stopped Being Afraid and Found Love

“Ronnie, thank you so much for your compassionate dating coaching which helped me start dating again after years. With your help, I changed my approach completely, learned how to use online dating to my advantage, set boundaries and flirt using my feminine charm.  That made a huge difference.

Your suggestions and strategies all worked great!

And now I’m happy to say I’ve been dating my dream man for over a year! In my late 50’s I was so afraid I’d never find love again. I thought for sure love had passed me by and I would face the rest of my life alone. Thanks for holding my hand through the dating process which I had been terrified of.

I want to encourage other women to work with you too, so they can get the same fabulous results!

dating coach

Engaged at 63!

I decided to work with Ronnie after a terrible, heartbreaking experience with online dating. I had serious issues trusting men after dealing with scammers. She wrote my profile and I met a LOT of men.

After dating 15 men, #16 stuck! James and I are coming up on 11 months and are going strong. We share the same faith, values and many similar interests. And, we are both young at heart.

I’ve never felt so loved and cherished. I adore him and he feels likewise. He encourages me every single day, tells me I’m beautiful and sexy. He brings me flowers for no reason and has been a gentleman from the start.

We just got engaged and marriage is in our future. Everyone sees how happy we are, even strangers. I never knew I could be treated so well. What a blessing to be in love at this stage of life – I’m 63! Thank you Ronnie!


Real Clients with Real Results

Dating My Ideal Man

“Before working with Ronnie, I hated online dating and honestly I went kicking and screaming. I told her I couldn’t do it and was going to shut it all down. Ronnie talked me through this during my private coaching session and later that same day I met the most incredible man.

Chris is the ideal man for me and he gives me everything I want. It’s a little shocking in a good way that finding love with the right man is really possible.  And if it wasn’t for Ronnie, I would never be in this relationship.

What really changed things for me was the accountability – I did my homework because I had promised. Sometimes you just needed that extra push. And she helped me be far more conscious to take control of finding love and get active as opposed to sitting around hoping to find the right guy.

This investment in my life has been the best ever! You’ve got to be in it to win it. Learning to trust and be open again and that I’ll be OK made the difference. I highly recommend you do this for yourself – it’s so worth it!

SabrinaNew York City

My Romantic Life Was Over – Now I’m Dating Up a Storm

“Two years ago, a guy I really thought was “the one” dumped me and I was heartbroken.  Since that time, I hadn’t met anyone who remotely tweaked my interest.  Now over 50, I began to think “my romantic life is over”.  Then I signed up for Ronnie’s coaching.

I wasn’t looking for “the love of my life”; I simply wanted a little romance back and some handsome, interesting, accomplished men to date.  Internet dating and singles events weren’t for me.  But I made time to go to parties and other business/social events and followed Ronnie’s advice about flirting whenever I went out – even for groceries.

Ronnie’s system works! The regular calls keep you accountable and her off-line guidance through emails etc. is particularly encouraging. Within six weeks, attractive, available men were showing up everywhere and suddenly, I was being courted by four of them!

Thanks Ronnie – your help made a HUGE difference.”

BeverlyNew York City
flirting tips for women over 40

Just Got Engaged!

“Coaching with Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things all wrong! Once I put her methods and advice to work, the difference was amazing. What I learned was invaluable. Her insights, especially around femininity and letting the guy lead, are profound. It’s also really fun. I met the most wonderful man and he is wildly in love with me! We just got engaged.

Being a widow in my 50s, I never thought I find another good man and without your help I don’t think I would have. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Dating My Dream Man

Ronnie, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible guidance because I’m now dating my dream man! I found him and he found me – it’s so magical. With your help I saw how I often went down the wrong path with my approach to dating. Now I know how to be strong within myself, be more authentic on a date and cut my losses quickly when I meet a man who doesn’t fit my needs. It all payed off with Kevin! You helped me to really see that love is my destiny – honestly that alone changed everything.