What’s Your Dating IQ? Take the Quiz!

Take the What’s Your Dating IQ? Quiz and see how savvy you are about dating . Answer these 30 questions to find out how ready you are to date, if you are in touch with your feminine nature, if you need to update your dating etiquette, and how good you are at reading the signals men send. Discover what areas may need some attention to help you find the loving relationship you deserve!




Readiness Section



I play down my looks so I don’t attract too much attention.


All the good men are taken.


I never meet anyone who interests me.


I don’t really have time to date.


The Internet and personal ads are not for me.


When a man looks me up and down I get disgusted.


It’s embarrassing to tell people I am looking for a mate.


I carefully monitor what I say and how I act when talking to men.


Feminine Allure Section

True False


My underwear drawer is filled with old, comfy cotton favorites.


I rarely flirt and can’t remember when I tried it last.


Unsolicited male attention makes me uncomfortable.


When I go out to meet men, I throw on any old thing.


I wear a lot of turtlenecks and high collared shirts.


I wear pants all the time because they are more comfortable.


I can’t think of one thing in my closet that has real sex appeal.


Why shave my legs? Who’s going to see them?


Dating Behavior Section

True False


I often call a man to connect and set up the next date.


I usually offer to pay, even on the first date.


I have a habit of attracting men with similar flaws or issues.


I offer to cook dinner early in the dating process to impress a man.


I’m just so happy when a man asks me out, that I’ll go even if I have to change my plans.


I easily spill my guts about past loves, sometimes on the first date.


I shower a man with gifts to make sure he’ll see how good I’ll be to him.


I like to leave a few toiletries at my date’s house for convenience.


Reading The Signs Section

True False


I tend to hold onto a man even when I know the relationship isn’t working because who knows when I’ll meet another one.


I’ve been taken in by sweet-talking men who pour on the charm, and have been surprised when they disappeared just as quickly as they came.


I’m willing to overlook a couple of flaws about the man I’m dating, because things will get better as we fall in love.


A friend gave a man she knows my number for a blind date. Three weeks have gone by, but I’m still hopeful that he’ll call.


Even though my date often doesn’t do what he says he will, I know he’s a good person and means well.


I don’t mind my date talking about his old girlfriend because I know I am helping him get over her.





How to Score the What’s Your Dating IQ? Quiz:

Scoring the What’s Your Dating IQ? Quiz is a lot like the regular IQ test, the higher the score, the higher your dating IQ! Each false answer is worth 2 points. The more points, the more confident you are in yourself and the greater your clarity about what you want in a relationship. Use this quiz as a springboard to commit yourself to getting the mate you want by making sure you are ready, open, available and alert!

22-30 Points You’re secure in yourself as a woman, in touch with your feminine energy, know your way around the dating scene and aren’t easily taken in by what men say. What are you waiting for? Get out there – you are more than ready!

11-21 Points You are a mix of confidence and clarity, coupled with some habits that could detract from a good dating experience. To improve your opportunities, think about what you might do to open your heart a little more and connect with your femininity. It might be time to learn more about what works with men today, as well as reassess what’s acceptable, what you won’t tolerate, and how you want to be treated.

0-10 Points You might be a little more closed off than you realize. To shift your attitude and open to meeting a good man, spend some quality time working on your inner self. Choose methods to heal the past, open your heart to love and rekindle your feminine nature. Learn what works with men and get clear on what you really want in a loving relationship. Perhaps you could be a bit more discriminating, rather than simply accepting any man who crosses your path or pursues you.

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