Finding It Hard to
Meet the Right Man Online?


If you’ve been looking for a while and
not getting dates with the men you want,
it might be the result of mistakes
you’ve made in your online dating profile.


I get it. It’s so aggravating when you know other women are meeting lots of men through online dating sites and you seem to be struggling or not getting the kind of attention you want. Or perhaps you are getting coffee dates; but they don’t lead to second or third dates, because who they expected, based on your profile isn’t who showed up at the coffee shop.

You’re frustrated because you have no idea why it’s not working, what you might be doing wrong or how to fix it. You wish you could ask someone who really KNOWS what to do to help you write a great profile.

Or maybe you want to try online dating, but you have no idea what to say about yourself or how to write your profile. You’re a little nervous about going online and don’t even know where to start. So the weeks tick by and you still haven’t done a thing about getting online.

Neither one of these scenarios is fun for you. After a while, you feel even more despair and wonder what’s wrong with you. You want to find love; but there seems to be some sort of invisible block that is keeping you from meeting great guys. You wish you could ask someone who really KNOWS the secrets for how online dating works to help you find true love.

Online Dating Profile Tips

There Is a Proven Solution

Now there is a solution and a really good one too. You can ask me, an experienced dating coach, for online dating profile tips and to write your profile for you!

What Makes Me an Expert?

When I was single and dating, I got fed up with the men I was meeting. So, I put my copy writing skills to work to write my own personal ad. Suddenly I started meeting lots of quality men and I realized I was onto something big.

Since then, I’ve spent years researching and talking to experts about how to find “The One.” online. I’ve compiled online dating profile tips and strategies and my own knowledge of dating and writing into this incredible service for single women to help you find lasting love. I’ve been providing online dating profile tips and writing profiles for 15 years!

Plus, my first career was in marketing and copy writing, so writing your profile is an extension of what I did for years. It’s about knowing the right things to say, what not to say — and how and when to say them. You’ll get the benefit of all my years as a marketing and creative professional, combined with years of experience as a dating coach (since 2002) to craft your profile so it stands out and attracts the positive attention you want.

This is what one happy client has to say…

Online Dating is NOT Obvious or Straight Forward

Most of my clients think you can write anything, put up a couple of photos and be on your merry way to dating success and finding love. Sadly, this is just not true. You don’t even realize the mistakes you made in creating your dating profile.

With my online dating profile tips and writing, you’re profile will be expertly crafted to sound like you, but NOT like every other woman on the web. Your genuine personality will shine through as I pick up on what men will naturally want to know about you.

With my help, you won’t make the common mistakes many women do that turn men off before you even get a chance to email, talk or meet. These errors are probably not what you think and most women fall into these traps unwittingly.

Two other happy clients had great results…

“Since you revised my profile for me, the volume of emails I get has zoomed! Not only that but the quality of men who contact me now has really improved. Doctors, lawyers – professional and highly successful men. I’m really thrilled with your help and recommend you to any woman serious about finding love.” –Brenda in CT


“Once Ronnie helped me focus my profile regarding who I was looking for, what a change in the responses! Suddenly the right men who fit my description started responding and popped on the scene.” –Gail in DC


Why Struggle or Put Off Writing Your Profile When You Have Easy Access to Help?

I’ve never been one to enjoy the struggle myself. If there’s a shortcut, I want to know about it and take advantage of it. What about you? If you are tired of being single, not getting the results online that you want or still waiting to get started, why not give yourself a jump start to finding the love you want?

Would You Like Online Dating Profile Tips and Help Writing Your Profile?

Package #1:
Mini-Coaching Package & Online Dating Profile Writing

If you are serious about finding love online, whether you are just starting or have been on the sites already, this package is will dramatically improve your experience and results! Here’s what’s included:

  1. One-hour phone or Skype session to write your profile with your input.
  2. Review up to 10 photos to help you select the best pictures.
  3. Access to the Sizzle vs. Fizzle online dating home study course ($97 value)
  4. Up to 5 email exchanges for extra support and to answer questions
  5. Two additional 30-minute private sessions by phone or Skype to discuss:
  • Tips to write emails to men that get more responses
  • How to spot a player’s profile and emails
  • Best online dating sites
  • How to respond to emails
  • The first phone call – do’s and don’ts
  • Setting expectations for what “normal” results online look like
  • Texting do’s and don’ts
  • Tips on red flags, common pitfalls, and self-sabotage that get in the way of finding love

Yes, Ronnie, I want the Mini-Coaching Package with Profile Writing for $497.

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I know that your profile writing and coaching will help me find the love I want so much faster.

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Package #2:
Online Dating Profile Tips & Writing Only

What’s Included:

  • One-hour phone or Skype session to write your profile with your input.
  • At the end of the session, I’ll send the profile via email and you’ll be ready to go!
  • I’ll also review up to 10 of your photos by email to help you select the best pictures.

I know what a big difference this will make to help me find love.

Yes, Ronnie, please write my profile for me for $175.

Purchase your profile writing session now, then call Ronnie 203-877-3777 or email to schedule your appointment!