Private 1-on-1 Dating Coaching

If You’re a Smart, Successful Single Woman Over 40, Tired of Being Alone or Feeling Frustrated by Dating, It’s Time to Get Help to Find Love Again.

You probably spend time wondering…

  • Where can I meet men?
  • How can I attract better quality men?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • How can I make better decisions about men and dating?
  • Who can help me understand men?

You may have hired experts in other areas of your life, but never considered how a dating coach could help.

When you’re dating over 40, it can be so confusing. They didn’t teach you how to find love at school. So, you relied on your girlfriends, family, and what you learned through the media. Flirting with men. How to be a great date and be irresistible to men. Understanding men – what they say and do. Handling sex. Communicating what you want.

Dating Is a Journey and the Destination Is Love

My Dating Coaching Programs will take you there by the most direct route.

When you’re going to a new location, you turn on your GPS. As a dating coach, that’s what I do – I serve as your guidance system so you arrive at love by the quickest route possible. Most women tend to go it alone, relying on their own limited knowledge and hoping for the best.

Some women turn to friends and family for advice and sadly impose and burn them out. Even worse,  your friends and family are not always objective or knowledgeable. Nor do they always tell you the real truth you need to hear.

I provide loads of free dating advice when you subscribe to my newsletter, read more than 1,000 blog posts and sign up for free teleclasses. But there is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually TAKING THE STEPS.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what your romantic history is. When you work with me, you’ll get insight into everything you need about the world’s favorite topic: how to find true love.

With Private Dating Coaching, Get Proven Tips and Insights that Deliver Results

When you choose to work with me, you’ll find out:

  • Exactly where to find quality men
  • How to stop wasting time with men who will not date you seriously
  • Why flirting, texting and calling mean NOTHING
  • Why men find some women more attractive than others and how this goes so much deeper than your looks
  • How to be a great first date and get more second dates
  • Why successful women think they intimidate men when they really turn them off and how to turn this around easily
  • Why the #1 dating tip for women is to do NOTHING and what that means for you
  • How to strike up a conversation with men without being aggressive or looking desperate
  • Why sparks, hot chemistry or immediate connection are not signs of the right man
  • How to manage your excitement about men who end up disappointing you
  • Why what he says means little and what he does means EVERYTHING
  • How to hold off on intimacy and protect your heart before you know a man is worthy

I Used these Proven Methods to Find My Husband and Now You Can Too!

Together, we’ll talk about your situation and then go through my proven step-by-step process that has helped countless single women before you. It’s the same method I used to meet the man I married after dating 30 men in just 15 months. From healing your past, to attracting quality men, to finding the right man for you, I will support and guide you to get the results you want. Be smart and invest in your happiness.

With my Private Dating Coaching programs, you’ll know EVERYTHING you need to attract the love you dream of. You’ll feel confident, feel more in control of dating, have the skills to connect with “The One” and actually enjoy the dating process.

Private Dating Coaching

Ready for Love with the Right man?

So if you’re ready to transform your love life, I’m committed to helping you with my private Dating Coaching Programs. There are three levels of service to choose from:

1) 5 Star Service Package:

  • 4 weekly 30-minute private phone sessions per month
  • Develop your Dating Action Plan and Mr. Right Blueprint
  • Up to 8 Intensive Sessions 60-90 minutes each for in-depth help to remove blocks,
    open your heart, release the past and forgive, visualize the future, energy work,
    closet review, personal presentation consult, online man selection and email
    suggestions, etc. These sessions are fully customized for your particular history
    and situation.
  • Join any group program during your 6 months at no extra charge
  • Participate in the Inner Circle monthly calls for no extra fee
  • My Time for Love – 8 session educational series
  • Unlimited access to the Inner Circle Library and Dating Vault Library
  • Unlimited emailing between sessions to answer questions
  • Occasional 5-10 minute calls for pressing issues
  • Profile writing if desired

2) The Platinum Package includes:

  • 4 weekly 30-minute private phone sessions per month
  • Develop your Dating Action Plan and Mr. Right Blueprint
  • My Time for Love – 8 session educational series
  • Unlimited access to the Inner Circle Library and Dating Vault Library
  • Participate in the Inner Circle monthly calls for no extra fee
  • Emailing between sessions to answer questions
  • Occasional 5-10 minute phone calls for pressing issues
  • Profile writing if desired

3) The Gold Package includes:

  • 2 weekly 30-minute private phone sessions per month
  • Develop your Dating Action Plan and Mr. Right Blueprint
  • My Time for Love – 8 session educational series
  • Emailing in between sessions for questions
  • Occasional 5-10 minute phone calls for pressing issues
  • Profile writing if desired

What’s in the Dating Vault Library?

The Dating Vault is packed with incredible home-study programs and DIY resources to provide additional strategies and empowering insights:

  • How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online (4 hours of recorded classes)
  • I Believe: Affirmations to Attract Love Now – audio program
  • I’m So Alluring – Visualization audio to feel more desirable and sexy
  • Stay Positive on the Dating Journey – audio program
  • 5 Ways to Attract Quality men – audio program
  • Confidence is Sexy – audio program
  • Is He the One? Amazon Bestseller which radically simplifies understanding men
  • 5 Surefire Techniques to Eliminate Blocks to Love – audio program
  • Flirt School –Enhance and use your feminine charm (2 hours of recorded classes)
  • 12 First Date Mistakes that Ruin Your Chances for Love – audio program
  • 9 Red Flags to Watch for When Dating Divorced Men – audio program
  • 10 Myths about Online Dating that Keep You Single – audio program
  • Does Your Texting Make You Look Confident or Desperate? – audio program
  • 10 things You Must Know Before Dating After Divorce – audio program
  • and many more exciting titles

Get Started Now!

Call me at 203-877-3777 to schedule a free, Dating Discovery session. We’ll talk about your situation and see how I can be of help. Or fill out the Dating Discover application and schedule your session online right now.  Just scroll below the contact Ronnie form to see the Dating Discovery session form.


Happy Clients Stories

Dating Coach, finding true love“I never would have met my man without your help so I am indebted to you. One thing you said that proven to be really useful to me, – I had my middle class intellect view finder on and once I expanded my vision, that allowed me to be open to him. And I enjoy him so! Thank you!”  –Patti in Vermont


“With Ronnie’s help, it is now raining men for me! I sometimes have 3-5 dates in a week and am having the time of my life.  Ronnie will show you how to make online dating work for you like you never dreamed was possible before.

Here’s the secret: Just  follow the plan.  The things Ronnie suggests aren’t hard, and once I gave myself permission to be open and approachable my life changed! She told me to smile at men, say hi, talk about anything even the weather. She explained how to use your feminine energy where I had always felt silly before doing these things and it worked! She tweaked my online profile – I’d been online on and off for a couple of very frustrating, soul crushing years. Now the response has been amazing!  Thank you for changing my world! ” ~ Jerri in Florida


Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan“I’ve been dating a wonderful man for 3 months now and wanted to thank you for all your help! I learned so much, particularly how to avoid dating disasters. With your insightful guidance, I feel so much more in control and equipped to navigate the dating waters. It’s been a blessing having you by my side. I am very grateful for your advice and encouragement through the ups and downs of dating,” — Lia in Indiana


“Once I decided to work with Ronnie, she gently held me accountable to follow through on my goals in a compassionate way. This encouraged me keep promises to myself which in the past I might have wiggled out of. So, when it came time to go to the singles dance, I went even though I didn’t want to go at all. Good thing I did because I met the man I’ve been with for two joyous years and couldn’t be happier. He is everything I have been looking for but didn’t think I would ever find. But I have! Ronnie has tons of very helpful information that‘s specific to my situation like how to flirt. She encouraged me relax and be authentic and myself which made all the difference.” ~ Melissa in California


Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan“Thought I’d share a wedding photo with you – your newsletter and all of your great advice sure is part of the reason why I found and MARRIED the right guy for me! I still read, recommend and follow your monthly advice — even more important when married I think! “ ~ Amy in Hollywood, CA



“Ronnie, thanks so much for your digital dating guidance. You are right! There are quality men on Match – A LOT more than I dreamed. I’m keeping an open mind as we discussed and connecting with a good number of men! This is so exciting! I never thought dating could be fun after 50 but I’m having a blast.” ~ Abby in New York City, NY                                                 


“I decided to get serious about meeting a man and having a relationship and so I hired Ronnie. After just four weeks of private coaching sessions with her, I met a wonderful fellow on Match. We’re now dating him exclusively! Ronnie’s coaching and advice are priceless. She’s helping me maneuver through the phases of relationship now and really knows her stuff. I’m indebted to her for not only meeting a great guy, but for understanding me and correcting the mistakes I made in past relationships. She is a gem of a dating coach!” ~ Kate in Connecticut


dating coach for women“If I hadn’t decided to work with Ronnie, I’d still be thinking about dating but not doing anything. With Ronnie’s coaching, I feel stronger now, more encouraged and have a lot more clarity about the dating process and what to do. And, I’m meeting men!” ~ Arlie in Virginia